Step 14: Continuous Flap

Follow the instructions for the pattern for the continuous flap. Please see bottom note.

Turn in 1/4" seam allowance on one long edge of continuous lap.
With right sides together, pin lap to sleeve, placing remaining 1/4" seamline along stitching.
Stitch. Please see bottom note before doing this.
Press seam toward lap.
Turn pressed edge of lap to inside over seam.

I stitched the right side of the flap so no slipstitching is needed. The directions have you sew it where the flap is turned to the inside of the shirt and slipped stitched.

You have made one happy camper here! <br>Hurricane Ike, which was the size of Texas if I remember correctly, took the roof off of my home. I was just starting this shirt when it hit. Had my fabric cut out and was about to get busy. It rained in every room and tore my place up. <br> <br>The roof is back on and most of the home repair is done. (No insurance...it's been a long haul.) <br> <br>Tonight I unboxed this unfinished project and realized I had lost the instructions. I'm thinking to myself...how hard can it be? The little voice in the back of my mind became fairly loud and who-are-you-kidding sanity reappeared. <br> <br>Internet to the rescue -- and an Instructable, no less. Aw-right! (I'm a big fan...member...etc.) <br> <br>I cannot thank you enough. <br> <br>It's only my third shirt. And my tailoring skills are those of a novice. I'm a 52-year old man who likes to weld and do woodwork and use bad language when I'm forced to do a plumbing repair. Being a bachelor, I'm on my own. <br> <br>So, you bet I'm grateful for this Instructable. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. <br> <br>Now...wish me luck.
Awesome job sunshiine!!! Someone had recently asked why there was no instructables on men's fashions, so now I have to find that question and let the author know there is one. <br><br>I'm impressed. :D
Thanks there canucksgirl! I hope he will take a peek! Have a super day.<br>sunshiine
I did take a peek and I am impressed. I also saved this instructable for future use. Thanks.
I'm glad you did! Sunshiine did a great job on this. :)
Sigh, thanks canucksgirl! Have a beautiful day!<br>Sunshiine
:) You're welcome. You have a great day also!
Sorry if this is a repeat but it seems my comment did not post. Thank you for viewing my page and for commenting. I will be posting more on how to make shirts and vest that may interest you. Have a super day!<br>sunshiine
By the way this shirt can be made more simple just by following the instructions without flat felting the seams. When I first started making these shirts I did not flat felt the seams. I did not have much experience sewing garments either. So shirts really are not all the difficult to sew. <br>Sunshiine
Thanks so much for stopping by to see this Instructable and for commenting! I will soon be posting a men's lined vest and a lined shirt that might interest you. Have a splendorous day!<br>sunshiine
Thanks for commenting canuckgirl! I am dragging by my heels to get the rest published. Hope your day has been beautiful! <br>sunshiine
You're welcome! I am also frantically working to beat the deadline.... *gasp*<br>I hope your day is going well too.
It has gone great thanks!<br>Sunshiine
It looks absolutely professional, Sis. I'll bet he is a happy man!
Thanks so much for your comment! He is a happy man!<br>sunshiine
I love Tall, I love anything retro, and I love everything western.<br><br>Beautiful work!
Thanks for commenting bajablue! It has been a long haul to get these done with my schedule the past few weeks. I will be over to see what your up to in the next day or two! Have a beautiful night!<br>sunshiine

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