Steam punk is played out, this is straight up NASA punk. Or at least I imagine if it were the 1960s space race and NASA was commissioned to make an MP3 player, this is what it would look like.

This project uses the Daisy Mp3 Player kit from MAKEzine, a VU meter from this instructable , and a case from Curious Inventor.

Step 1: Parts

-LM3915 x 2
-1k ohm resistor x 3
- 1 1/8" Stereo Jack
- 1 1/8" Stereo plug
- Analog Gauge
- DPST Toggle switches with return to center spring x 5
- SPST Toggle switches x 2
-LED Holders x3
-5v power supply
-panel mount power jack
-Case from Curious Inventor http://www.curiousinventor.com/store/product/156
-MakeMP3 player kit.
-Stand offs x8

Crimp terminals and .1" headers
Crimp pins

Drill Bits
Wire Cutters
Screw Driver
what is the name of your power supply ? how much it cost ?
LAB PSU 0-15V3A - PS1503SB<br>http://cpc.farnell.com/1/1/44709-lab-psu-0-15v3a-ps1503sb.html<br><br>Costs 58 pounds (about 110 $)
havanacus raises a good point about knowing which switch does what. NASA would surely label them. This page: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://history.nasa.gov/diagrams/apollo.html">http://history.nasa.gov/diagrams/apollo.html</a> has some good examples.<br/>
He he, definitely need 'Main Bus A' and 'Main Bus B'
I'd love to see a nixie tube track-counter or something like that. :)
oh.. Nasa has some lights and stuff on most of their stuff, maybe you could use some LEDs and get some big cover lenses so they look like incandescents.. but don't draw too much power.. What do ya think?
I love this.. I usually try and incorporate some humour with my Projects, Retro is hilarious though.. Great work and great sense of humor.. I love it. I want one, maybe you could sell them, you never know.. Lolz Thanx.
All that's missing is some retro corporate logo on the front!
Neat! Great use of existing instructables to create a masterpiece of your own. Although, it may be more convenient for the reader if you used little snippets from those instructables to explain either the theory or reason behind that step. Great Job!
Thanks for the nice words :) -Joe
I love switches!... Which one controls power?... It should be big and red if you ask me... I'm partial to <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062493&cp=2032058.2032230.2032278&parentPage=family">this</a> style... <br/>
That switch rocks! I need to change it out. The power switch is the one on the bottom right. -Joe
That is a sweet toggle switch. Thanks for the link.
Awesome, I definatly will build the Vu meter!
Pretty cool!

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