Picture of Retro Metallic Snowflake
A simple way to experience the beauty of your tree while catching glints of light naturally!

Step 1: Organize materials

Picture of Organize materials
5 - 12" metallic pipe cleaners
lightweight needlenose pliers/wire cutters

Cut two of the pipe cleaners into thirds (apx 4" each)
sarapt6 years ago
i did this - it worked great and you can do so many variations.
myrtle506 years ago
So easy a child could do it - which is perfect for me!
Hang these from a shower curtain rod tightened between sides of a window!
eulessmike6 years ago
very christmassy. Poor Broncos
ldobbels6 years ago
Thanks, great for our crafts at the library holiday event
very pretty
this is a beautiful piece of work
Meier6 years ago
This will be a great project for my girl scout troop to make and pass on to Meals on Wheels recipients next year. Thank you for sharing and the detailed directions.
sure was a nice job
kolowinter6 years ago
Excellent documentation!!! This would make a perfect package topper in place of a bow -- later to be used as an ornament. Thanks for sharing.
ccbarrett6 years ago
Cool - beautiful, basic and cost-effective!