This easy Retro PACMAN nail tutorial will guide you step-by-step on how to create this super fun look. I used household items to create a lot of the details. The idea came from a PACMAN nail art tutorial I saw on Youtube.

The only tricky part to this tutorial, is that you have to be patient in between drying times to create all the details. Other than that, it's really simple and anybody can do it. You can get creative and add other items from the original game like cherries, or a nail filled completely with Pac-Dots.
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Step 1: Nail Polish & Tools

Picture of Nail Polish & Tools
You will need the following Nail Polish for this tutorial:

Base Coat

Top Coat

Essie- Licorice

Sally Hansen- Sun Kissed  - CLYDE

Orly- Frisky- INKY

Color Club- Blushing Rose - PINKY

Wet n Wild- Everybody Loves Redmond- BLINKY

Spoiled- Designed Driver- PACMAN

Essie- Marshmallow- Ghost Eyes

Milani- Neon Dude Blue-  Ghosts Pupils



Dotting Tool



Step 2: Apply Base Coat

Picture of Apply Base Coat
Apply a base coat to your nails.

Step 3: Apply Coat of Polish for Ghosts & Pacman Backround

Picture of Apply Coat of Polish for Ghosts & Pacman Backround
Apply a coat of black polish to your thumb. Next apply a coat of Blushing Rose to your index finger. The middle finger gets a coat of Frisky. Your ring finger gets a coat of Sun Kissed and lastly apply a coat of Everybody loves Redmond to your pinky.

Allow at least 20 minutes of drying time before proceeding to step 4.

Step 4: Detail for Bottom of Ghost Monsters

Use a small nail art brush and paint three small triangles on the tip of each nail. Allow to dry for a couple of minutes and then repeat with a second coat. You may need to apply one or two more coats to achieve the perfect detail.
megaduty2 years ago
Great-ness! Going to keep this one book marked for my daughter! Be a bit as she is only 4 but so worth the wait :)
mrclueless2 years ago
Thats cute. Not sure I could pull it off though. The guys at work would not be nice...Reminds me of my ringtone on my phone "WANKA WANKA WANKA". Some kids these days dont even know what Pacman is. I spent many quarters running from Inky Pinky Blinky and Clyde. Nice job Mrs. Peas. :}
lmnopeas (author)  mrclueless2 years ago
Sounds like the guys @ work are no fun. I try to expose my son to all the old school goodies. :) Thanks!
Your hands are so milky smooth.