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I love the look of a vintage rotary phone and had a couple of them lying around begging to be brought back to life. In a fit of inspiration, I decided to marry form and function. Thus the Retro Phone Phone Charging Station is born.

Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials

Picture of Gather Tools and Materials
Tools you will need:

1. Soldering iron
2. Drill with a bit slightly larger than your charger cord
3. Miscellaneous screwdrivers
4. Wire strippers
5. Scissors or something else that will cut through cable ties
6. Helping hands or lots of patience

1. Obviously you need a phone. Mine is a desk model rotary, but I see no reason a touch tone, wall, princess or any other kind would work. Look on craigslist, ebay, garage sales or post on freecycle. Maybe grandma has one in the attic. You never know.

2. The wall charger that works with your cell phone. I have a Samsung Gravity, so I had to buy an adapter specific to it. I got lucky and found a nice slim one at "The Shack" that has folding prongs and an additional USB port, which as you will see increases the usefulness of the device.

3. Any ol' car charger with a coiled cord. These are a dime a dozen.

4. Shrink tubing and solder

5. Cable ties and/or twist ties

That's it.

twocvbloke3 years ago
Personally, I'd get one of them USB ATA devices to use the phone with skype, seeing a WE 500 C/D, or any vintage phone, being abused like this is quite disheartening, that phone's a classic, and looks wrong having a cheap phone charger dangling from it's earpiece... :(
metqa twocvbloke11 months ago

I'm sure there are more broken vintage phones out there or even in museums for you to go and look at. If you can't say something nice and constructive, it's not worth posting. I think it's better for this vintage phone to be repurposed by someone who can appreciate it than trashed by someone who just thinks it's an old non-working phone. The OP did not say it was working so it may have been broken to start. Why don't you make your own -ible showing what you would do with your own vintage retro phone.

twocvbloke metqa11 months ago

I'd have thought an instructable on plugging a phone into a wall socket would be seen as insulting to people's intelligence, plug it in, enjoy it, have fun seeing people crapping themselves when it rings at full volume!!! Or, clean it up & ebay it to sell to someone who appreciates a robust and virtually indestructible design for a surprisingly decent amount of money. Or spend a little time at the form linked below...


brandegor (author)  twocvbloke3 years ago
Hi. I took great care not to damage the phone and saved all of the parts. I respect your opinion, though, and the point for me was charging my cell phone. Sorry you don't like it.
metqa brandegor11 months ago

I think you did a fair job of keeping the integrity of the phone while still making it a modern cover for the charger. I think my younger family members would not even take notice because they'd assume it's just an old phone. BTW, we have the same Samsung model Phone, same color. I liked that coincidence.

As far as I can tell, you wrote (ooh) guy-orls. Which doesn't make any sense, so I'm guessing I'm wrong?
brandegor (author)  bad ass pope4 years ago
Nice try. Guess it's time to reveal the secret: (OMG) ITW-ORKS
baken4115 years ago
it's like the old phone is getting the life sucked out of him lol. it's really cute
brandegor (author)  baken4115 years ago
Ha- thanks!