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Introduction: Vintage IPhone Dock

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i was going through my grandfathers basement and came across this transistor radio that docked into a larger speaker. its a Columbia Transistor Convertible. it originally used a 2.5 mm audio jack. i removed it and installed a 3.5 mm in the correct location for my ipod. now i have a 1950's radio / speaker ihome



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    As we used to say in the days of transistor radios...."smooth move, man".
    I've been thinking for a few years of doing something similar. Just too many mods to do in the radio I had. Also, I'd never seen a Columbia unit before; it reminds me of a model that Panasonic had in the mid 60s that also looked like a tiny console stereo.

    It would be cool if you could reintegrate the old removeable section to preserve to original look of the radio.

    here is one idea -

    hollow it out and attach it with a hinge so that it is a swing open faceplate hiding the Ipod.

    You forget this thing would have just rotted away in the basement had he not found another use for it. Better that someone loves it than letting it sit around useless. You can go on an old timey radio preservation mission if you like.

    Little bit of a negative comment sctirvn687. I think its a great idea personally. very neat aswel. Well done!