i was going through my grandfathers basement and came across this transistor radio that docked into a larger speaker. its a Columbia Transistor Convertible. it originally used a 2.5 mm audio jack. i removed it and installed a 3.5 mm in the correct location for my ipod. now i have a 1950's radio / speaker ihome
As we used to say in the days of transistor radios....&quot;smooth move, man&quot;.<br>I've been thinking for a few years of doing something similar. Just too many mods to do in the radio I had. Also, I'd never seen a Columbia unit before; it reminds me of a model that Panasonic had in the mid 60s that also looked like a tiny console stereo.
It would be cool if you could reintegrate the old removeable section to preserve to original look of the radio.<br><br>here is one idea - <br><br>hollow it out and attach it with a hinge so that it is a swing open faceplate hiding the Ipod. <br><br>
Little bit of a negative comment sctirvn687. I think its a great idea personally. very neat aswel. Well done!

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