Step 6: Attaching Skirt to Bodice

I attached the skirt to the bodice, matching the front, back, and sides and evening out the gathers. I had to split the skirt a few inches in the back in order to attach the zipper that I had already added to the bodice.
Those little hats are quite the rage right now even the new Princess has been seen sporting them. They are called "Fascinator Cocktail Hats". Yours is just precious. Love it.
very nice!!!
Yeah, I LOVE the dots, too! v cute :)
I want it. <br>Seriously.<br> I.Want.It.<br>:D
It's nice to know that SOME of the young people today have some fashion sense!! With the low-ride jeans and the apparently acceptable thing of having your pants halfway down to show off their boxers, etc; it's a relief to know that an outfit as beautiful like this exists. I'm a Steampunk fan during the Halloween season but for the rest of the year, I just LOVE the 1920-1950s fashions...and I'm a straight male!
Que espectacular! So adorable! <br> <br>
I'm liking the polka dots good job!
So adorable :) I love it! Retro was such a classy fashion period! I wish retro/classy was popular enough to wear everyday :D
Cute! It looks like a lot of work, but turned out so nice! Like the hat! <br>Jess
Thank you so much! It was a lot of work lol I worked on it for three days straight! I'll probably post a Step-by- Step for the hat soon :)

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