Step 4: Design and Carving - LAUNCH PAD

Picture of Design and Carving - LAUNCH PAD
While gluing up the legs and bottom cap I realized the legs were a little too thin plus I realized the lights needed to be swtiched on in some kin of cool fashion...so, I decided the entire rocket should sit on a launch pad.
I sketched out about 10 different designs but kept coming back to a slightly star wars looking metal plate launch pad. I designed it and routered it out of one piece of 1" thick HDU board...leaving two "panels" flat so the controls for the LED lights could be inserted.

I measured the control box and swtiches for the LEDs and cut a hole with my dremel tool into the flat panels. Once the controls were inserted I used a product called Abracadabra Sculpt (similar to Magic Sculpt) to cover the majority of the box so only the buttons and switches were showing. I also created some rivets out of the sculpt. I also drilled a hold in the center for the lights to come through.

I then primed everything and applied a silver and blue metallic paint base coat.