Step 4: Design and Carving - LAUNCH PAD

While gluing up the legs and bottom cap I realized the legs were a little too thin plus I realized the lights needed to be swtiched on in some kin of cool fashion...so, I decided the entire rocket should sit on a launch pad.
I sketched out about 10 different designs but kept coming back to a slightly star wars looking metal plate launch pad. I designed it and routered it out of one piece of 1" thick HDU board...leaving two "panels" flat so the controls for the LED lights could be inserted.

I measured the control box and swtiches for the LEDs and cut a hole with my dremel tool into the flat panels. Once the controls were inserted I used a product called Abracadabra Sculpt (similar to Magic Sculpt) to cover the majority of the box so only the buttons and switches were showing. I also created some rivets out of the sculpt. I also drilled a hold in the center for the lights to come through.

I then primed everything and applied a silver and blue metallic paint base coat.
This is a pretty fine piece of craftsmanship, I voted for you in the Epilog contest :) I also made an entry for it, the<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Quasicrystal-Star-Lantern/"> Quasicrystal Star Lantern</a>, since you seem to like 3D sculpture I thought I'd share. Wishing well on your trip !
Thanks for the comment and vote! I voted for your Quasicrystal ...it has amazing detail...that must have taken quite a bit of time to cut all that and put it all together. I checked your website...amazing work!
Awesome! I voted for you, though it looks like you are no stranger to CNC. It's a really stylish project. Thank you for sharing it.
Thanks Dream Dragon<br>It was one year ago this month I got my hands on my cnc router and software. I'd never worked with a cnc router before so I got my hands on the software and planted myself in front of the computer and played with the software and then did test cut after test cut after test cut...day after day after week after week. LOL<br>I was determined to learn everything about the machine and software....I'm still learning. I purchased the router from a shop that had purchased it from the fellow that had built it.<br>It's been a brain expanding and creatively explosive year for me. :)
This is awesome. It reminds me of the space ships and sets on the old &quot;Lost In Space&quot; TV show. <br>
Thanks aleholder<br>I had a vision of the finished project in my head but it changed and morphed along the way. I think you're right the early Lost in Space, Flash Gordon and Steam-punk designs were all bouncing around in my head as I worked. :) LOL
That is so cute! Nicely done.
Thanks ChrysN<br>It took awhile to finish...that's why some of the photos are a little out of order I think. :( Despite the time it took...it was worth it in the end! :)
This is really cool!<br>The lighting is amazing it looks like you have lights under the base as well....is that right?<br>I see a name on the flag is that the name of the space-dog?
That's for the comments. It's entered into 3 contests so I'm hoping I'll get enough votes to win something! :) LOL<br>You are correct...there are lights under the base. I used my dremmel to cut a circular groove into the underside of the base and placed a few lights in the groove, then they went through the hole in the base into the firing nozzle and up into the bowl.<br>This was a gift for my nephew Kai. His name is on the flag and on the bowl as well in and above the windows. Also the space-dog has a patch on his back that says &quot;Team Kai&quot;.
This is indeed quite an awesome project. Well done!
Howard Walowitz and I love it!
Thanks! Are you Bernadette? LOL
Lol more like his mom! Howwwwwwwwwwwwwww ARD! ;0)

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