This is the third project in a series running up to a laser cut “advent calendar”.

In this project I explored making a “3-sided symmetry” design with laser cutting. Also I choose a concept for locking the parts in place that is not sensitive to the typical variations in thickness for acrylic sheet (+-15%)

I made this rocket as Artist In Residence at instructables  last July and took the parts for two more back home.

I dedicate this Instructable to emilyvanleemput, for her drive and talent in making Instructables and because it’s her 15th birthday. You can see her assemble one of the sets at the Mini Maker Faire in Kerkrade.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
For the advent calendar series I chose 3mm thick sheet in transparent amber acrylic. I choose this colour because it reminds me oft the Instructables home style. I think it also fits a retro rocket model very well.

The main tool used is a laser cutter. In this case this also the only tool (not counting the software tools: Inkscape on a Mac for designing and CorelDraw to cut from a Windows computer). I used a 120W Epilog laser cutter in the new workshop at Pier 9.
The background looks great with the orange!
Kiteman1 year ago
Awesome, and YAY! for the birthday girl!
It's great!
My bracelet even matches the rocket!
Beautiful rocket!!!