Step 3: Step 3: Painting Prep

This step was the key to my whole project.  I'm really not that artistic and my freehand painting is only to be laughed at.  If you are an art genious, I suppose you can skip it.  Find yourself a projector or borrow one from someone or work or where ever you can get one.  Then load the template image you created earlier to a laptop.  Now as best you can, line up the projector to the wall you are painting and scale the image to the size you want.  You may have to move the projector around to layout your whole design.  Alternate moving the projector and moving the image on the laptop to get your whole area covered.  Painting over the image is probably not feasible unless you own the projector.  So using a pencil lightly trace the outline of everything to your wall.  You don't have to be perfect here but the closer you are the more time you will save later on.  I had a good bit of clean up to do in my images while painting as you can probably see in some of the pictures.  If your careful, the paint should cover most of your pencil marks.
Whoa! Nice room out there! Definetely gonna do something like it when I have my kiddo.
Fantastic idea!!! I will build a room like this to my son in the future. Nice childhood you son have now.
Very cool! It looks great, and it's nice folks who can't paint a straight line are able to do it, too! <br> <br>One tip: the eraser-type cleaners (you know, the white sponge with the blue back) are really good at removing pencil/pen/marker from wall paint. However, they actually scour off a thin layer of paint, so do it lightly if you need to clean up any pencil marks.
loove the pipe door!
interesting indeed im gonna try this for my kids when im older :D
Great work man! I'm a little jealous.
Thanks for all the comments, glad everyone liked it. It was alot of fun and turned out better than I expected. Right now its mainly just one wall, but it does wrap a little to the second wall (I'm not completely done there yet). However, he is already coming up with other ideas for his other walls. I have a feeling there will be more to come with this! Thanks again everyone.
coooollll !!!!!!
that turned out GREAT ! !
Brilliant. That is an absolutely fantastic job. Good call on the projector, too - I've used this method to blow up and rescale drawings (for posters, etc. - I am not much of an artist beyond an 8.5&quot; x 11&quot; size paper), but never thought for a mural. Very cool.<br><br>Does this scheme wrap around the whole room, or do you plan to extend it? I can only see the sign on the last picture on a kitty-corner wall. You could also create custom 3D objects to &quot;pop&quot; your mural - make those coin boxes or coins above the door into lighting fixtures or something useful and creative!<br><br>Major kudos.
i wish i had a room like this growing up....<br><br>really cool...
Wow! Great idea, and a beautiful job. Your son is totally lucky. ;)<br /> For his next birthday, maybe he needs <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/NES-Bedding-set/">matching bedding</a>?

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