Giving a 1970s Vega 542 portable TV a new life displaying digital photos.

Step 1: Reusing and Recycling

This old Russian TV had been sitting around the workshop for a while, and it was time to do something with it! I'd been waiting for a cheap 7" flat screen tv to cross my path so I could convert it, but decided instead on a digital photo frame.

The digital photo frame was sourced from Gumtree and cost me £4, though I've bought them cheaper since then for other projects.

I had the idea that if I built the frame into the TV it could sit decoratively on my desk showing a slideshow of TV-related images to match its own era.

<p>Nice work.</p><p>I love old electronics.</p>
The only bad thing about older stuff is the space it takes up! These are my next two...
That one has a great look to it, almost like an oscilloscope! Excellent.
<p>Awesome .We have a TV like that in our living room ( as an ornament) </p>
<p>Looking at that Bamboozle screen makes me think about how fun it would be to put an R-Pi in it and run an Apple ][ simulator to play some of the games from my youth...!</p>
<p>really nice looking.</p><p>i wish i had that case for a raspberry pi project. i just checked ebay buy none available. hasn't been one on ebay since sep 2013</p><p>nice find and nice work!</p>
Thanks! I have a saved search set up in eBay to show local items with the words Spare and Repair in the title, more often find stuff at junk sales though!

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Bio: I love the design and ambition of vintage technology, and the usability and potential of new - my passion is bringing the two together.
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