Step 4: Painting black and red

I chose to use fire engine red and black, both high gloss paints and oil based.  The beauty of oil based paints is that while they take a while to dry, you generally don't leave brush marks.
<p>hi, pls, on the right side of the chest, really do you got a marantz cd player in the 70'?, lol, great project</p>
<p>Thanks for that. The beauty of using older amps and players is the sound quality is so much better than modern amps. I have an early 1950's record/radio player and the sound is unbelievable....who would have thought?</p>
This gives me ideas for doing something similar as a drafting/crafting desk. Great work!
Thank you! I hope you do! It would be great to see what you come up with, you could post a link here.
Wow... what you made is great, but this opens up tons of possibilities. I agree with the last comment, this should have more exposure. I've only got 1 instructable myself so I'm no expert, but maybe it's the title? I had not heard the terms &quot;sound desk&quot; or &quot;Low-Boy&quot; before and only clicked because I recognized the smaller blue speakers. Maybe if you throw the term &quot;repurposed&quot; in the title somehow it would gather a few more hits? I'm no expert, just know what I look for :-)
You're probably right I'll try 'repurposed chest of drawers to audio' and see what that does. Thanks for your comments they are very much appreciated.
I really like this! I love the paint job! I am shocked at how little attention this instructable gets. Again, Love it!
Thanks for that! I'm not sure why it got so little attention maybe when I put it on there were so many excellent 'idles that this one got lost in the mix.

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