Retro Style Electric Candle




Introduction: Retro Style Electric Candle

I wanted to make little different electric candle.. that kind wich we had when i was a kid.

I used old, broken light bulp, piece of pine for the base, and a piece of willow tree for the holder.

Candle is made from the steel pipe, painted to look like a candle. Light bulp is lit up with led.

Step 1: Turning..

I cut the base part from scrap piece of edge glued pine.

Then i turned it with my diy- dremelathe, used sharpen file and dremel high speed cutters as a chisel.

Finally sanded parts with 800 grit paper. And then glued them together.

Step 2: Assembling..

Made a little room for the bottom with my diy dremel router and high speed cutters, for the battery and on / off switch. It, and the led is taken from commercial electric tea light, it costed 2 euros, so there was no reason to make it by myself.

Video shows the whole process.



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