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Introduction: Retro TV Phone Enclosure

This was a very easy and fun little project. After leaning my Galaxy S6 up against things to watch videos I figured there needed to be a more interesting way to hold the phone upright. After perusing phone stands and retro shapes online I found some old style TV images and got to designing a box that copied a vintage tv style.

The design was done in Inkscape after snipping a screen shot of a tv shape. The image was then tweaked around a bit and saved as an SVG file. The file was opened up in a (free) program called Jscut ( to define the tool paths for a small CNC.

The actual enclosure only uses four pieces of wood. The front "screen" piece and the back piece are both from scraps of 1/4" plywood. The body of the enclosure is just cheap pine shelving.

To hold the back piece onto the body I found some bolts and threaded matched pieces in the junk bin and countersunk them.

Very fun, fast, and easy project. It's cool to set this up on a kitchen table, desk, or nightstand.

Thanks for taking a look!

The video shows the process:



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    That is a fantastic looking project. Do you have image files to share? I would love to make this. I don't have a cnc, but I figure a scrollsaw would work. If you don't have images, that's okay, just figured I'd ask. Great looking project, still. Thanks for sharing and sparking some ideas.

    Many thanks. This project could absolutely be done with a scroll saw. I'll have to look into uploading image files; never have done that on Instructables. Hmmm.