Retro TV Unit


Introduction: Retro TV Unit

Here is my "Retro" version of the great instructable from HomeMade Modern (check him out his collection is great) 

I think the time spent adding the wood stain was worth it in the end. I salvaged the legs from an old furniture that was in the trash. 52" long x 18" high x 15" deep.



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    Being able to build your own furniture pieces is definitely a great skillset to own. It makes it all easier and more convenient eventually when you need to move out. This piece of modern media console looks portable due to its size as compared to many other bulky ones easily found in stores. Hence, it would be much easier to prepare furniture for removal when the need arises sooner or later.


    4 years ago

    And it's sharper looking than original you copied nice?!!

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    Thanks a lot for the kind words ! I wouldn't say mine is better but I definitively think that the various wood stains made a nice texture to the plywood which is usually very rough as is, especially for furniture.


    4 years ago

    It's a cracking looking and solid end product u have there good job !!

    Thanks blkhawk ! I wasn't sure how the wood stain would look like but when I finished it, it had that nice vintage look, hence the "Retro"