Here is my "Retro" version of the great instructable from HomeMade Modern (check him out his collection is great) 

I think the time spent adding the wood stain was worth it in the end. I salvaged the legs from an old furniture that was in the trash. 52" long x 18" high x 15" deep.
And it's sharper looking than original you copied nice?!!
<p>Thanks a lot for the kind words ! I wouldn't say mine is better but I definitively think that the various wood stains made a nice texture to the plywood which is usually very rough as is, especially for furniture.</p>
It's a cracking looking and solid end product u have there good job !!
Love it! It brought me back to the 70s!
Thanks blkhawk ! I wasn't sure how the wood stain would look like but when I finished it, it had that nice vintage look, hence the &quot;Retro&quot;

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