Picture of Retro Table
This is a table I made out of a cheap glass table from IKEA.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
14, 9:15 AM.jpg
14, 9:15 AM.jpg
One glass topped table
Flattened vintage bottle caps, either collected or from www.bottlecapco.com (see next step to determine number you need)
Epoxy dots from www.bottlecapco.com
3D crystal lacquer

Step 2: Prep The Table Top

Picture of Prep The Table Top
If you can remove the glass, do so.
Clean with windex or soap and water.
Measure the size of the table top, so you can figure out how many caps you need.

Step 3: Measuring

Picture of Measuring
For example, a 9 inch circle needs 61 caps, as seen in this picture.
Inches # circles # Caps
1 1 1
3 2 7
5 3 19
7 4 37
9 5 61

Step 4: Prep The Bottle Caps

Picture of Prep The Bottle Caps
Peel an epoxy dot off the sheet.
Put the epoxy dot on a bottle cap. They will protect the design.
Repeat until all caps are covered.

Step 5: Glue The Caps

Picture of Glue The Caps
Put a thin layer of lacquer on the edge of a bottle cap and place in the center of the table.
You will only have to press slightly. They will start to dry pretty quickly.
You can best just put the lacquer on maximum 6 at a time to place, before they start to dry.
Place 6 caps in a circle surrounding the center cap.
Complete one circle at a time for the best look.

Step 6: Patience Time

Picture of Patience Time
Let the lacquer dry.
If it made spider webbing, just pull off like it was the webbing from a it glue gun.

Step 7: Finale

Picture of Finale
If you took the top off, carefully replace it and wipe down.
Just remember, the table will be a little heavier now with the decor.