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Note: I will make a more detailed instructable for this when I get some more time.

Make a cheap, quick and easy lamp out of a 33 and a few 45s! It adds a nice vintage touch to any room and makes a great lamp also.

What you'll need:

-12" record (clear or coloured ones work the best)
-3 or 4 7" records
-an old lamp
-an energy saving bulb (You need this as an incandescent bulb will melt the record)
-some large wire covering (1" diameter)


-epoxy glue
-soldering iron and solder
-heat shrink tubing
-a round file

How to make it:

First, take the base off of your lamp, or if it is flat you can just leave it. Next, glue 3 or 4 45s together with the lamp post in the centre. Put the wire cover over your lamp post and epoxy glue it to your base. Then take your 12" record and melt it in the oven over a bowl (200 degrees F) and watch it until it has melted down to the desired form. When you take it out you can shape it quickly before it cools to do any last minute changes. Then file out the centre hole of your 12" record until it is large enough to fit around your light bulb socket and glue it on, or if it has a threaded cap like mine did, just thread the cap on over it. Cut and solder the cord as needed. Put in your bulb and light it up! 


yasirafzal (author)2013-08-11

Great Job, Love this idea.

Keep Sharing and God Bless

ctx1985 (author)yasirafzal2013-08-21

Thanks so much!

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