It's been a while since we created our last Instructable but we're back! In this guide, you'll learn how to put an old wired Apple ADB mouse to good use with upgraded wireless capabilities! Don't forget vote for us in the Fix & Improve it Contest and to visit our blog: http://www.unconventionalhacker.com 
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Tools used: 
Phillips Head Screwdriver                   Dremel
Electrical Tape                                   Hot Glue Gun
Soldering Iron                                     Desoldering Iron (optional)

Step 1: Apple IIe Mouse Disassembly

Clean the exterior of the mouse. These things pick up a lot of grime over the years, especially if you buy yours secondhand like us. We recommend using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Twist to remove the plastic dial and ball from the bottom of the mouse.

Remove four Phillips head screws from the four corners on the bottom of the mouse.

Once the bottom is removed, unplug the wire at the top of the motherboard; the wire is not needed for this project so it can be disposed of.

The motherboard can now be lifted out of the casing and the disassembly process is complete.
Great idea and really well documented Instructable! I've been thinking about a similar wireless mouse project, and appreciate seeing the guts of yours before I dissect mine. You got my vote in the Fix and Improve it contest,and 5 stars;-)
Thanks so much! We really appreciate it!
nice project my dear
<p>love it! I want one, lol!</p>
<p>cool! Really like it</p>
really cool my friend and I had an idea about making our own console that is open source
This could be a very nice addition to my macintosh pc project. Very well done. An other way to do it could have been to 3d model the apple mouse and all other internal details according to the wireless mouse internal electromechanics, 3d print the model and obtain a final product. Maybe i can try that ;) Thanks for the inspiration.
I was with you until I saw the battery. Batteries always die at the most inopportune time.
I'm sure that once you get everything in place and working perfectly, then you can start modifying it with a rechargeable Li-Ion batteries and USB charging.
This is nice. I did something similar with a corded usb mouse. Had to do some plastic &quot;extensions&quot; for between the mouse button and the click mechanism. It looks really nice (but with a black cable). <br> <br>(This is my first visit and I already found great articles!!!)
Glad you like it!
There is a Hello Kitty &quot;Liquid&quot; Mouse that my daughter really wants. Unfortunately it is a wired mouse and it sorta needs to be wireless. It is already optical. Problem is that half the mouse is sno-globe technology with a floating Hello Kitty toy inside. All the guts are pretty well packed into the front end of the device. I'm thinking if there was any room for a radio and battery, they would have already made it wireless.
Very nice work. Even better, this is one of the most clearly photographed instructables I've seen in a while. I'm always too busy building to a) be that tidy and clean and b) to remember to take all the photographs I should. <br> <br>Did you think about adding right-click at all? The stock look is great and I know there's software, but I wondered as I was reading how hard it would be to split the button in half. I know I could find the ADB mice I know I have in a box somewhere and look but I'm lazy... :) <br> <br>And one final pedantic note: It's not a IIe mouse, it's the original ADB mouse that shipped with early Macs, I think starting with the Mac+.
Bother - you beat me to the ADB comment. I had an apple ][e mouse, was more boxy than the pictured mouse. Sadly it escapes my memory what the plug was but I suspect it was similar to a DB9 9pin plug but different. <br> <br>In the end I gave it to a computer museum, who never knew there was a mouse and board available for a //e.
We considered it initially, but decided to keep it just how it was originally. Thanks for pointing out the error with the model we had! I didn't even realize that, I must of misread the model number or got incorrect information online. <br> <br>Thanks!!!
love the retro look.
One thing you could do is cut the mouse signal button apart and then sand shape the two button config. You could test it by making recast of the original in resin. Even recasting some of the bottom of the two mice. Would be an interesting thing to try out, makes me want to do this one myself. Though I usually use a 6 button mouse so it would take a bit to get used to.
instead of using a &quot;AAA&quot; Battery Why not use a small rechargeable battery and include a dc jack for the charger where the hole for the wire is located ? just a thought other than that great instructable
That sounds like a good idea. I may consider that if we ever modify it. We also may put a power switch on the bottom of the mouse so the battery doesn't drain while you're not using it. <br> <br>Thanks!
cool, can you do right click with this mouse?
The mouse is only capable of doing a left click. I meant to post this program in the final step (which I'll do now). <br> <br>http://rhdesigns.browseto.org/applemouse.html <br> <br>That allows you to &quot;emulate&quot; right clicking with a one-button mouse. <br> <br>Thanks!

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