Retro Tribute - CaSsette TaPes LamP With Joystick SwitcH





Introduction: Retro Tribute - CaSsette TaPes LamP With Joystick SwitcH

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Recycling  always recycling all I can.

This Lamp is made of Cassette tapes, and I adapted an old Joystick  as a switch.

A tribute for old tapes.

Soon are coming more things I am thinking to make with Tapes.

Tribute to cassette tape, which kept us 
company all trough the 80ies and became a 
symbol of a generation.

Homenaje a las cintas que nos han acompañado
en los 80s y constituyen el
símbolo de una generación. 


Step 1: What You Need for the Lamp

- a lot of tapes :D
(I used 24 for this lamp)

- Fast cure glue. (Bond glue)

- an old Joystick

- a Light Bulb with adaptor

- an electric cable

- a retro switch (you can push a button)

Step 2: Making..

- you need to take the pieces apart of the joystick.

- Drill two holes for the cabel

- Glue the switch inside the joystick.

Step 3: Making the Lamp

- using the fast cure glue, you need to fix all the tapes together.
- so you can build how big you want.

Step 4: Fix the Bulb

Step 5: Finish



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Many thanks dear.
Shame I couldn't describe all right how I made it. My English is so bad.
But the most important is showing the idea ;)

Very cool project but I have to wonder how safe is this. Would the plastic start to melt or warp eventually?

Sure , it's safe.
The bulb has no direct contact to the tapes.
This project was made by a renamed artist, I saw it on internet.
So I tried to make myself ;)

how cool is that
i have a rack full of pirated 90s hiphop albums back at my moms
now i know what to do with em

Nice! do and show it later ;)

Too bad I gave all my tape away, or I would make this... Good Will here I come ;)

Good luck! Great inspiration for all of us with serial port joysticks gathering dust in the attic. :)