Step 4: Fix the Bulb

I like it:)
Many thanks dear. <br>Shame I couldn't describe all right how I made it. My English is so bad. <br>But the most important is showing the idea ;)
Very cool project but I have to wonder how safe is this. Would the plastic start to melt or warp eventually?
Sure , it's safe. <br>The bulb has no direct contact to the tapes.<br>This project was made by a renamed artist, I saw it on internet. <br>So I tried to make myself ;)
how cool is that<br>i have a rack full of pirated 90s hiphop albums back at my moms<br>now i know what to do with em
Nice! do and show it later ;)
Super cool!!!!!!!
Too bad I gave all my tape away, or I would make this... Good Will here I come ;)<br>
Good luck! Great inspiration for all of us with serial port joysticks gathering dust in the attic. :)
Sabia que ja tinha visto isso em algum lugar. Inventeaqui.com.br :) heheheh
ahhahaa<br>mas primeiro foi aqui , depois l&aacute;,<br>bjjj
oh i forgot to tell you i voted
Oh thanx dear :)
cool i want to make on for my light in my room
OMG THATS AWESOME..... i rated it 4.5 :D
Very cool--I know a lot of people recycle the tape inside by either crocheting it or knitting it--just an idea if you get bored!
It's the 80's! Pretty cool!
Wow Mary! Another great project! Now I have to go scout my local thrift stores for tapes!! All mine were donated to my cousins when I went over to CD's:( <br>Thank you for this fantastic project!
I'm very glad you liked ;) <br>On Sat. I'm going make other project with cassette tapes.<br>I'm sure , you will like.
Beautiful!!!!! :-)
(&gt;';'&lt;) amiguito!
Wow! What a clever idea- and a great atmosphere. I love it :)
so is my home ;)<br>tks for the compliment.
mt legal Mary ;)
bafo gata, bjz
What fun. I have to have lamps that give off amazing light patterns when turned on and this one sure does that. I also love the on off switch.
; )

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