Step 7: And that's it.

Picture of And that's it.
Now, just make sure everything is lined up as it should be. Raise the blade and slide the fence over until it touches the right side of the blade. If the sight on the fence doesn't read "Zero" on the scale, just loosen the two screws on the sight and line it up.

And there you have it. If all has gone well, this thing should be solid and glide like butter.
JeffKinCC9 months ago

Thank you so very much for your article! I just finished installing the new rails and fence on my 34 year old Sears 113.298031. The details you provided gave me the confidence to try it and now I can't believe how much more fun it is to use. Your notes on things to look out for were especially helpful and probably saved me hours of frustration. I really appreciated the detail you provided to describe your methods for accomplishing each step. The photos were really helpful. Thanks again. I never would have tried this if I hadn't found your article.

cornflake_81 (author)  JeffKinCC9 months ago

I'm glad it helped!

Bdb70981 year ago

Just did this yesterday on my Craftsman TS. Mine was a little different since the bed isn't as deep. Had to reposition the clip and plastic glide at the end of the fence to ride on the back rail. No biggie, actually. Just used a couple of self tapping screws. Thanks for the step by step. Couldn't have done it, or at least wouldn't have ventured into it, without the help. Looking at your fence, mine was even worse. No toggle lever, just a hand screw that was very inaccurate. So, again, thanks.