This is not my own design, this is MarsCrystalMans ingenious design and I made an instructable for him on this. This instructable is quite long so it may take a while to build. This instructable is not intended to be high-quality but good enough to be understood. 

video at https://www.instructables.com/id/Retrograde-A-Knex-Ball-Machine/

Step 1: Piece Count


Grey: 58
Red: 175
Yellow: 173
Blue: 403
White: 363
Green: 340


White: 78
Blue 3D: 134
Purple 3D: 255
Yellow: 255
Gold-track connector: 17
Green: 209 
Orange: 125
Red: 184
Light-grey: 67
Dark-grey: 244


Black Y-clip: 63
Tan-clip: 28
Gold-track clip: 14
Ball-socket joint: 2
Silver spacer: 79
Blue spacer: 132
Purple flexi-rod: 16
Orange flexi-rod: 7
Golden(red) rod: 8
Red gear: 1
Blue gear: 5
Large yellow gear: 1
Tan(red) rod: 7
Small triangle panel: 11
Triangle panel(3 holes): 3
Small square panel(1 hole): 1
Square panel(3 holes): 3
Small tire with tread: 11
Medium tire with tread: 5
Large tire tread(no tire): 2
small snap-on tire: 2
Medium snap-on tire: 1
Motor(newer green ones): 1

Step 2: The Base

Step 3: Support Structures and Return Tracks

A Big Step.

Step 4: Path Selectors and Drop-Path Selector

Another big step. This also fulfills a request for the Drop-Path separator for a member.

Step 5: Stepper- Lift System

This fulfills another request for a member. This is an instructable in an instructable!

Step 6: Path 1

I  found this element to be very cool.

Step 7: Path 2 ( Wormhole Element)

This path has the Wormhole Element someone wanted instructions on. Includes part of another path.

Step 8: Path 3

The path that traps the ball behind the wormhole.

Step 9: Path 4

This step may seem complicated but just copy what you see. I didn't feel like taking the whole thing apart. I used a tv jack cable for the tubing. I modified the element with spacers. The element didn't work for me for some reason, maybe because the cable was too thick so try roller coaster tubing.

Step 10: Path 5

This includes the spinning wheel element, a very clever piece.

Step 11: Path 6

This step includes the spinning basket element.

Step 12: Path 7

Just about done! This is the graceful turn that really makes this machine unique.
looks awesome! I'm going to build it but do I need 17 gold track connectors?
No, I just built the ball machine as it was.
up to this step waiting for big yellow gear o come from ebay then ill continue building the ball machine
Knex.com has yellow gears, you just trying to find one for a cheaper price?
Good job, the instructions are very good. (And you just saved me a ton of time :-D). Also, I like some of your modifications; they enhance the machine, especially the spacers on the spiral, much better placeholders. One note: you said there is no video for the machine, but if you wanted, you could say &quot;video at https://www.instructables.com/id/Retrograde-A-Knex-Ball-Machine/&quot;. That would cover it! <br> Once again, great job! The instructable has my seal of approval! (Not that you needed it, but... ;-D)
Thanks a lot :-D. I fixed the description so thanks for the tip.
Very clear, and instructions for the stepper lift.
yes you made instructions i going to start building tommorow ,good job :-]

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