Retroreflective Material on Your Car Within 20 USD





Introduction: Retroreflective Material on Your Car Within 20 USD

Change the color of your car within 20 USD!

Step 1: Small Car Accident.....

The Twingo kissed other car.....

Step 2: Sheet Metals of the Car Are Changed... in White!?

Step 3: Retroreflective Sticker

Put on sticker which has retroreflective coating....

Step 4: The Retroreflective Effects

The light reflected back from the same direction, so if you take a photo with flash light then you will see a weird image.

Step 5: Before and After

Step 6: Take Photos Without and With Flash



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    where do we buy the reflective tape stuff?


    Definitely illegal in Germany and Taiwan....but Taiwanese police doesn't care ;p

    This would be awesome on my Insight!! It has so many scratches I was looking for a cheap facelift for it :)

    What car is that? I wish they'd drive cars like that here in the states!

    I'm also looking at this as something for my bike.

    Hi, the car is RENAULT Twingo which has a classic shape. Small car but the space inside is similar to a SUV.....;p

    I can't easily find any of this retroreflective material either. Where did you get it from?

    eBay.. look under reflective car wrap

    Will try it on my bike!

    Could you give a link to this or equivalent wrap?