Retroreflective Material on Your Car Within 20 USD





Introduction: Retroreflective Material on Your Car Within 20 USD

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Change the color of your car within 20 USD!

Step 1: Small Car Accident.....

The Twingo kissed other car.....

Step 2: Sheet Metals of the Car Are Changed... in White!?

Step 3: Retroreflective Sticker

Put on sticker which has retroreflective coating....

Step 4: The Retroreflective Effects

The light reflected back from the same direction, so if you take a photo with flash light then you will see a weird image.

Step 5: Before and After

Step 6: Take Photos Without and With Flash



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    26 Discussions

    where do we buy the reflective tape stuff?

    Definitely illegal in Germany and Taiwan....but Taiwanese police doesn't care ;p

    This would be awesome on my Insight!! It has so many scratches I was looking for a cheap facelift for it :)

    What car is that? I wish they'd drive cars like that here in the states!

    I'm also looking at this as something for my bike.

    1 reply

    Hi, the car is RENAULT Twingo which has a classic shape. Small car but the space inside is similar to a SUV.....;p

    Will try it on my bike!

    Thanks! Interesting if it's possible to closely match colours of reflective and non-reflective vinyl to wrap in a way that it only displays graphics when lit on.

    Exactly! Thanks for the links!

    Actually this work was done in year 2006, the "reflective vinyl" was cheaper at that time (10 USD/roll)

    I think it will be much easier for a bike, also much safer in the night.

    Full reflective vinyl is illegal in most countries. Some countries allowed to add stickers only for saftey, or if it's not take too much intention from other drivers you could apply stickers for decorations. The best option is to ask the your local MOT, because it'll be less awesome start to peel it while a cop told you this is illegal.

    1 reply

    Thanks for your comment! I think people who likes to try this on their own car should make sure it is not against local law.

    That's a work I've done 8 years ago for saving money and be cooler ;p