Step 5: Prepare the Paracord for use as a Magazine Pull

Using the template (length depends on preference and size of ziptie), cut a section of paracord off with a sharp tool. Strip the paracord of it's internal strands. Use a lighter to seal the ends to prevent fraying. Cut the locking end of the ziptie off and slip the ziptie into the paracord. Tie each end off with a tight, small knot.
great ible Smashy...
<p>Nice 'ible. </p><p>I'm pretty sure I saw a tutorial on Arfcom about refinishing magazines that would compliment this tutorial. They came out looking great! A nice matte black finish along with new spring and follower would make 'em nice enough to sell at a gunshow or something. </p><p>Though, I pretty much have switched over to P-Mags at this point. Still have a bunch of old USGI mags laying around though that could probably use this treatment. </p>
I recently redid some of my mags and used fix a leak for grip on the bottom. Its basically spray on rubber and has a decent texture to it. be sure to tape off the section that goes into the magazine well though if you do want to try it.
I don't think you are suppost to sepirate the follower and spring. gseat 'ible.
Thank goodness! <br> <br>Yep, replace the magazine spring, don't 'stretch it' like some silly people do.
That magazine looks like its seen some days in the sand box.
Yeah, I have a 50 can full of them. Some more info and another photo of the mag <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/wmode/2840645985/">here</a><br/><br/>Aren't you the guy who told me I didn't know how to clean my rifle?<br/>
I didnt say you didn't know how, I said the weapon wasn't clean. <sub>enough</sub><br/><br/>It will never be clean enough but it has to be so clean that if the Sgt Major decides to stick his finger in the star chamber that it will come out carbon free. :)<br/>
<em>the Sgt Major decides to stick his finger in the star chamber</em><br/><br/>Dude, DADT.<br/>
LOL! burn!
Its an inspectable item
bad news....all branches us CLP..it leaches stuff from the metal pores...the ONLY way to pass inspection is to "cheat",jump in the shower with your rifle and use CARBURATOR cleaner.it's the only thing that flushes out the carbon from the "STAR CHAMBER"(Barrel extension,that the M-16 family bolts lock up into).
we used carb cleaner, compressed air, even shaving cream (cream not gel) and hot water to remove CLP and Carbon from the weapons. The arms room wanted them completely dry when we turned them in.
*use CLP*
Very clever to swap the 550 cord guts for a zip tie. I'll try it and test it before I buy my next set of MagPuls. Thanks!
Great Instructable It really helped me out I found a few old mags and I plan on giving them to my dad for fathers day
"Be sure to use you hand to catch the spring." Heh, seen a few of those go shooting across the squad bay.
Very professional. Do these accept dyes? If they do, I'd give it a new dye job.
You can paint them. We paint ours to tell the difference in loads
excelent as usual dude!
the ar-15 is the civilian m16 right? good instructable
That's right, the AR-15 is the semi-auto only version of the M16.
Excellent subject and excellent details! Will definitely be putting this to good use. Thanks. 5 star Instructable in my book. PS: Thanks for the toothbrush.
Just be sure not to brush your teeth with that toothbrush after doing this... just a suggestion! Great write up - more tactical stuff on instructables!

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