Step 1: Where Do I Begin?

I bought an antique chair off Craigslist for dirt cheap and thought I'd give it a shot on learning and fixing it at the same time. I went thru several tutorials on YouTube an its was very lengthy and had to mostly do with springs that were from the up and not down portion. I'd thought I'd give you a view on how my job went. As you can see from the first pic, the springs are hanging all out on the bottom of the chair. After checking out some instructables and getting frustrated to the point where I was more than willing to just cut a board and staple it to the bottom, which would never have worked, I ventured out to the local fabric store, Anna's something, I got some red webbing which is supposedly stronger than the black ones, a mesh fabric for the finish, and some tacks for aesthetic looks.
Unfortunately I don't have any advice or experience for that.
Have you ever reupholstered the "wing back" of the chair? I have a chair I'm needing to do, and all of the fabric needs to be changed. Just curious if you had any advice. Thanks!
I bought 3 24 packs of tacks but only used 2. You can buy 3 and add more of you like but I thought I didn't need to make more holes in an already old piece of wood and no one will really ask to flip your chair over to see your work unless you're selling it.

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