Picture of Reupholstering a steering wheel
A step by step on how to restore an old steering wheel.

Items required.

1 x Old steering wheel
1 x long strip of cardboard/card stock
1 x long strip of leather/suede/alcantara

Tools required

Sewing Machine

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Step 2: Removing the original cover

Snap detail pictures of the stitching before you remove the original cover.
Take note as to how the cover is put together.
In this case the original cover had a machine stitch 4mm from the seam edge.
The machine stitched edge is then hand sewn together.

To remove the original cover, use a blade or a seam ripper to dismantle the stitching.

Tip: Mark where the patterns fall on the steering wheel with a white pencil.

Step 3: Original wheel cover off.

Picture of Original wheel cover off.
Your wheel cover should look like this.

Step 4: Create patterns

Flatten the original wheel cover out.

Put it against your cardstock/cardboard.

Trace the pattern directly.

When you cut the pattern out.
Cut on the inside of the traced line
(so you don't enlarge the pattern)

Transfer the pattern onto your choice of leather/suede/alcantara
cut the leather to size.

Tip: If you don't feel comfortable cutting a fresh piece of leather,
try it on scrap fabric first!

Tip: You only need to trace 1/2 of the pattern. Flip it for the other side.

Step 6: Slide the cover on.

Picture of Slide the cover on.
The new cover should fit pretty snug onto the steering wheel.
Epolicious2 months ago

Wow, looks great. I'd love to do this to my 4-spoke e38 wheel

riho.puusepp4 months ago

Can you send the measurements and pattern of this steering wheel. I have the same one in my e34 but I got it without old leather.

dmensionz1 year ago
Would like to know how to do the M color stitching; blue and red
This was a great guide, but I was also interested in how to do the stitching... for those that are interested I managed to find a baseball stitching guide here:
sconner12 years ago
Great job.
I wish there were more detail on how to do the stitching.
madmikeee2 years ago
where did you learn to do that cross stitch around the inside perimeter? Any links to help in learning how to do that?
I am also interested in the stitch that you used in the inside to secure the new cover. Also, what thread did you use for the sewing and the securing? It looks pretty thick. Thanks for posting this.
jondneumann2 years ago
Wow. Great job! and nice choice on the material.
This is awesome, great instructable. I'm trying to think of a material to substitute leather/suede. I would like to stay away from vinyl or other petroleum derived material as well. Does anybody have any good ideas for a natural, animal friendly material that feels good and would hold up to steering wheel abuse?
nice!Im gonna do this on my Nissan
Cabe2 years ago
This and the gear gator are both impeccably well timed! I have been looking at ways to tidy up my sim racing wheel, I have an old "The Other Luxury German Marque" rim that's seen much better days to mod onto it. Wanted to re-trim the gator to match.

Many thanks, cracking job.
Clean looking e30! And excellent work on your wheel. I may give it a shot... Where did you find the material?
Xolin2 years ago

Very nice!

Now...can you do mine..? :-)