This instructable wil show you how to make an reusable cheap airsoft grenade without explosives using:
-MM candy bottle
-Big Spring (You can get this out of an airsoft gun or buy one)

This might suck because this is my first instructable.

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Step 1: Cut Off Cap of MM Candy Bottle

Cut off cap of MM Candy bottle, leaving a small rectangle at the end of the cap.

Step 2: Tube and Spring and Bottle

Attach spring to the bottom of the tube. You can tape it or glue it.
Now, attach spring to bottom of MM candy bottle. Once again, tape it or glue it

Step 3: Tie the String

Tie one end of the string to the bottle and glue or tape the other end of the string onto the cap

Step 4: Pour Bbs Into Tube

Pour bbs into tube.
They can be any type, 6mm, 8mm, etc.
They can be any weight, 0.12 gram, 0.20 gram, etc.

Step 5: Set the Grenade

Place the cap over the tube, and push down until the cap attaches onto the top of the MM Candy tube.
This compresses the spring .

Step 6: Throw

Throw it. The movement should disturb the cap and decompress the spring, pushing the tube and bbs out very fast. It is reusable because it does not use explosives.
The only downside to this gernade is that the bbs only shoot out in one direction.

Thanks for reading, please comment.
This was my first instructable, and it probbaly sucks.
Hope it helped some people
First of all, that did suck. Im not saying mine r good, but ths wasnt. Its great, it works, but u might need more power and more bbs in there. U could probably tape some together and make it go in every direction. U couldve made ths better
this is way better than my first instructable!
Easily one of the best non-explosive airsoft grenades I've seen. All the other ones are usually filled with water or vinegar.
Or h2o and alkaseltzer
I'm tinking of using the spring from my maverick nerf gun (I took it out and turned it into a connfetti cannon) :o(:<br>
im makin one
Good 'ible! I chucked one of these at my friend in an airsoft war and i totally owned him! :D
if u want it 2 go in multiple direcshuns just put 2 of them together facing in opposite directions. then tie or tape them together. i bet it would work <br>
i was trying to think of a non axplosive airsoft grenade and this got me thinking... if i can come up wih some type of timer on this thing and mabey make a little stronger u might b on to somethin.:)
nice but i still prefur explosives
Deal with it
Its a granade launcher!!!
at hallowen i will probibly do it sorry about the hand righting i am only ten.
1. you have to be 13 to use this site<br> 2. you are not handwriting, you are typing<br> 3. the larger portion of your comment is spent apologizing for your spelling (&quot;handwriting&quot;)<br> 4. ever heard of spell check?<br>
try moding this as a shot gun shell. in a tricky sitch, keep one at your side. Hold, aim ant enemy, and pull the string. you never know when you need to use it.
good job but not a 360 degree spray Maybe u can attach a string to the cap and then to a rock or something and then it will be a trip mine/claymore
Nice. Great Job.

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