Picture of Reusable Dustbag for Vacuumcleaner

As the vacuumcleaners dustbag fills up it get's slower and slower until it's finaly useless. Dustbags tend to be expensive, single use and at any time the manufacturer could decide to stop making yours, that is if the store still sells them.
Enter the resuable dustbag. It's made from an old T-shirt, a zipper, some vinyl and the piece of board from an original dustbag.

Slight update : This instructable got picked up on Hackaday. I'm so happy! :-)

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Step 1: What you'll need

Picture of What you'll need

You'll need ..
a T-shirt or other piece of sufficiently drafty material
a zipper
a peice of soft vinyl, rubber or suchlike
sewingmachine or needle and thread
a dustbag that works with your machine

Step 2: Get it right ..

Picture of Get it right ..

Cut a piece of the T-shirt big enough to wrap around the old bag.
We'll be using this to sew up a bag sorta like it.

Step 3: Add zip ..

Picture of Add zip ..

Sew the zipper onto the fabric so it will close up nicely.

Step 4: Add vinyl ..

Picture of Add vinyl ..

Cut a hole in the vinyl big enough to catch the hose, see original bag.
Add the piece of vinyl to the fabric and sew it on.
Sew up the bag, don't worry about excess fabric, that can be cut away later.

Step 5: Fittings ..

Picture of Fittings ..

Add the piece of board from the bag (or whatever it is that makes it fit) over the hole in the vinyl.
I managed to sew it on but maybe you will have to glue it on or something, just make sure it's on there.
Don't forget to cut a hole in the bag underneath aswell.

Step 6: Fit it in the machine ..

Picture of Fit it in the machine ..

Make sure the bag fits inside the machine and everything.
Mine worked first try.

Step 7: Success!!!!

Picture of Success!!!!

Behold! It's collected the testscraps on my bench. I'm a genius. Now to make a robot slave that can use a vacuumcleaner on the floors and tidy up that mess.

shuja.shaher4 months ago

One heck of an idea!

Simple & great!

batonas5 months ago

Excellent idea, I was looking for a reusable dust bag vacuum cleaner but most of them come with paper bags, and those are not so cheap to replace, anyway I would make mine out of two micro fiber wipes, because those wash fast and dry real fast, I like the zipper, with it there's no separate parts from the bag wich could get lost, but I would put in a longer zipper in an U form so that the bag could be turn out flat, and I dont like the paper part at all, because of it you cant wash the bag, and that's not good at all, maybe some thin sheet of plastic would be a good replacement, it could be glued to the bag, theres no big difference as log as it holds, if I'll make it, I will post some photos, thanks for sharing

Workstead3 years ago
How about Velcro in place of the zipper?
twocvbloke6 years ago
Nice idea, though you might get leakage from the zip as it wouldn't be sealed unless you add an inner flap over the zip inside the bag... :) Or, you could buy one of them bag top slides used on old Hoover or similar bags, which seals the bag just with a fold or two... :) Personally though, I have shake-out bags for my older Kirby vacuums, and Kirby still sell all the different disposable bags they have used since they started using them (Paper, Micro Filtration, HEPA and HEPAII), so I can still use those, plus they're huge bags so last for a good long time... :)
omnibot (author)  twocvbloke6 years ago
I thought about flaps abd so when I made it but decided against it. Haven't had any such problems though. Good idea about the bag top slides, I'll keep in mind if I ever see one.
There's plenty for sale on eBay, just search for "vacuum bag slide" or "Hoover bag slide", loads of them, all aftermarket replacements of course, rather than genuine brand named ones... :)
jauncourt6 years ago
I made one years ago from nonwoven interfacing, and it was great. We now have a bagless vacuum with washable filters, so I no longer need such a thing, but I am glad to see that you had the same idea and have made an instructable :)
omnibot (author)  jauncourt6 years ago
Thanx :)
omnibot (author) 6 years ago
I've been using this for a while now and it works great. Emptied the bag from a ball of dust and hair as big as your head today.
Scammah6 years ago
Great idea I've always thought it was stupid to just throw the bag away. I might try this with the original bag since it seems pretty sturdy
omnibot (author)  Scammah6 years ago
Yeah, I've had bags that I ordered with some sort of filtermaterial that seemed sturdy enough. Try it .. it can't make the problem worse.