Reusable Sandwich Wrap

Picture of Reusable Sandwich Wrap
An easy to make sandwich wrap that you can use again and again!

Colorful fabrics and iron-on vinyl make these wrappers machine-washable, leak-resistant, and too cute to resist. Fold your sandwiches inside and secure with Velcro. Then open them up and use as a placemat!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this project, you'll need:

  • Pre-washed fabric - enough to cut an 18" square
  • Fusible vinyl - I used Heat N' Bond Iron-on Vinyl
  • 3" strip of Velcro
  • Needle & thread to secure Velcro
  • Iron

Step 2:

Picture of
Fuse the vinyl to the back side of the fabric according to directions.

Peel the backing from the vinyl and place it on the wrong side of the fabric.
Then turn the fabric over and iron from the right side (otherwise you'll end up with vinyl melted all over your iron!)

Step 3: Cut and finish edges

Picture of Cut and finish edges
Cut your fabric to size - 18" sq. (I made mine a wee bit too small).

Fold the edges to the inside and carefully use the tip of your iron to fuse the vinyl to itself.
Make sure to keep the edge of the iron on the folded edge of the fabric and not on the vinyl itself!

Repeat on all four corners.

Step 4: Add Velcro

Picture of Add Velcro
Sew your two pieces of Velcro to the right side of the fabric on opposite edges as shown - either by machine or by hand.

I used sticky Velcro, which is why there isn't a picture of me sewing it.

Learn from my mistake. Sticky Velcro is not your friend in this scenario. Sew it.

Step 5: Tuck in your sandwich

Picture of Tuck in your sandwich
Place your sandwich in the middle of the wrapper on the vinyl side.

Fold over the two edges without the Velcro to overlap in the middle.

Then fold back one of the Velcro edges.

Fold back the other Velcro edge and tuck under to stick to the opposite Velcro.

Seal it up and you're good to go!

Step 6: The end.

Picture of The end.
Your new sandwich wrap also becomes it's own picnic blanket for your lunch!

You will now be the envy of your peers. Expect many requests from your friends for their own reusable sandwich wraps!