I love giving presents almost as much as I love wrapping them, but it's such a huge waste of paper.  I found this fabric at the local dump and rescued these red ribbons from a party where they were decorations that were going to be thrown away and made this reusable pouch for wrapping gifts.  I realized that these would be great for things that come in standard sizes like CDs and books, but also make it much easier to wrap unusually shaped things like the circular embroidery project I wrapped in this guide.
You can also make these in any color for any occasion and the recipient can then wrap something in it and pass it on!

Step 1: Measure and Cut Your Fabric

To make sure your pouch will be big enough, make sure that the fabric will wrap around the gift one and a half times.  You want it to overlap as if you were using wrapping paper.  Also, make sure you leave enough fabric on the top and bottom of the gift so that it will close around it.  This is easy when you are wrapping relatively flat things like this embroidery, but if you are wrapping a thick book, you will need to leave more.
Great idea. Such a shame how many trees we kill for wrapping paper.

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