Picture of Reusable baby wipes from recycled t-shirts
Are you trying to be a little greener and reduce your waste, looking for a chemical free baby wipe for your little ones sensitive bottom, or just looking to save money? This is a very easy solution, with no sewing using materials you probably have in your house.

You will need:

Old cotton t-shirts
Empty baby wipe box


Baby wash
Chamomile tea
Lavender Essential oil
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Step 1: Cut up the shirts

Don't go crazy trying to make perfect cuts and neat edges, these are for wiping baby bottoms!

Start by trimming off all the seams, and any rough design elements.

Then roughly cut into rectangles, about as long as the wipe container and about twice as wide.

Once you have a wipe cut, use it as a template and go crazy, two or three adult t's can fill a regular wipe box.

After I have a stack of wipes cut I round the corners a little, I find they are less likely to roll in the wash if I do this.

(Keep the smaller scraps, they make fantastic baby hankies!)

Step 2: Fold & stack

Picture of Fold & stack
Now this is a pretty easy pattern to fold to make it so when you pull one wipe out it feeds the next one out of the container.

Lay down one wipe open, overlap half way with a second wipe.

Fold the other half of the first wipe over half of the second wipe.

Add a third wipe overlapping the exposed half of the first wipe and fold the second wipe over the overlapped area.

Keep adding wipes alternating sides to create an interlocked stack.
Thank you for this great idea. This is a good present for my sister's baby shower. Let me know if you have any other baby shower ideas as well. Thank you for your help.
Great Instructable!
Sarah Nade3 years ago
Nice! I'm a little late for Sparrow, I think, but I'm now prepared for round 2! ;]
Great instructable! I used wipes from t-shirts when our boy was in cloth diapers. It was easier to throw cloth wipes in with the dirty cloth diapers than to use disposable ones and throw half the mess in the diaper bin, half in the trash.