Step 4: Lessons learned

Picture of Lessons learned
Grab your cup of tea and add some honey, stir and enjoy.

I have been using rag wipes for awhile and have learned some lessons, I'll share my mistakes to help you succeed.

Use shirts that are 100% cotton, I have found the poly blends have a tendency to roll and deform in the wash.

Save the smaller cuts from the shirt for toddler hankies, because giving toddlers paper tissues can be messy. (boogie confetti anyone?)

Don't stack more wipes than you can use in a week in a container unless you are using a soap in your moisture solution, plain water can go stagnant and make for some yucky wipe stank.

Keep a second wipe container on your changing table to collect dirty wipes.  If you use cloth diapers, just toss the wipes them right in the wet bag with the dirty diapers.