I like to listen to music or "Rakugo" Japanese traditional comic story telling in a hot tab.
I used to put my iPod into a plastic bag and secure the top with Sellotape or rubber band not to the iPod get wet, but it is kind of a bother and messy to take out the iPod out of the bag after I get out the bath.
So this idea came to me when I saw a small - almost the size of iPod - plastic zipper bag at a drugstore.
This is a extremely simple to make drip-proof iPod bag.

What you need is:

a small plastic zipper bag
a disposable stereo headphone (drip-proof one is perfect)
hot glue

Step 1: Put IPod Into the Bag

Put your iPod into the zipper bag HEAD FIRST.
This is a great and simple idea. One thing I would do is double bag it. I learned from camping, that double bagging saves your sensitive equipment.
Ah drip not waterproof. Was wondering how you would seal the jack.
i would use silicone epoxy. it is more flexable so its less likely to spring a leak. pretty sweet idea! i do the same thing with my psp and phone but dont have headphones attached.
Yes, silicon epoxy will be perfect, but when you have to change the bag -- in the case of the bag has a hole or something -- hot glue is easier to remove. May be if you get a heavy duty bag that lasts much longer, epoxy is the better choice. Thank you!
If you have a heavier duty bag you could shoe-goo headphones into it. Make them your hot tub headphones.
Thank you for you advice. If you could find a heavier bag, it's much better. In fact, the cheap bags are tend to torn easily, that's the problem.

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