Introduction: Reuse an Old Window

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Step 1: Finding a Window

Find an old window. Maybe at an action, old shed, antique store.

Step 2: Cleaning It

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Once you find it clean it up with a little soap. But don't scrup all the paint away! And DO NOT ADD FRESH PAINT!! The old rough look is the best

Step 3: Hang It

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Now find a spot and hang it on the wall

Step 4: Add

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You could add some door hangers for a hanging devise or just looks

Step 5: Draw

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You can take a dry erase marker and draw designs on the window and it comes off clean with windex

Step 6: Add

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Also you can add your favorite quote or anything like that!

Step 7: Adding

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You can buy stick on flowers at a Michles and just stick them on the frame

Step 8: Enjoy

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Now just take a seat and enjoy your neat use of an old window!!!


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