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So, there has been no shortage of guilt-inducing press-coverage about the wastefulness of K-cups. 

And it does seem like a horrible waste in the name of convenience, to use these self-contained, filtered coffee brewers for one-time only. Especially when they have such promising potential for reuse as an effective seed starter. 

I did not know about the inside filter until I peeled the lid off a used cup, out of curiosity. 

I dumped out about a tablespoon of coffee grounds into the garbage, and replaced it with potting soil.

The same design elements that make k-cups good at brewing coffee make it great for starting seedlings, since the soil gets good drainage from the filter and bottom-hole.  

I would love to see a coffee company start to make these out of heat-resistant bioplastic so that that gardeners could just plant the whole k-cup into the ground.  


satoko68 (author)2015-07-30

Really great idea for our 2 year old granddaughter as she's completely into making things grow right now. We've been buying seeds for her, but this would make an entire project we could do together. Thanks for the idea :-)

Love the idea of using the grounds for certain types of plants as well, as the other commenter posted.

Great idea! You can even use the coffee grounds for some type of plants like hydrangeas!

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