Reuse-Me Produce Bags

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Fill Me. Empty Me. Reuse Me.

Simple steps to guide you through the construction of a reusable bag perfect for grabbing produce at the market or grocery store.

At Etsy, here: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=6468239.
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Step 1: Set Up

Picture of Set Up
- Two 17" x 13" Rectangle of Mesh Fabric, Netting, or Tulle
- 30" Length of String or Cording
- Thread
- (Optional) Toggle

- Scissors
- Ruler or Measuring Tape
- Straight Pins
- Safety Pin
- Sewing Machine

Mosquito netting available for order from Seattle Fabrics works great!

Wash your material before starting the project. Most Nettings can be washed in a machine, but not thrown in the dryer.

Step 2: Round Corners

Picture of Round Corners
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For illustrative purposes, the Simple Steps for making your own Reuse Me Produce Bag will be shown using colored cotton fabric rather than white Netting, as the Netting is difficult to see clearly.

Green indicates the Right side of the fabric. Yellow indicates the Wrong side of the fabric.

A. Make sure your Netting is cut into two 17" by 13" rectangles.

B. Lay out one of the Netting rectangles and place a glass near the upper right corner, as shown.

C. Lightly trace a line around the glass.

D. Use your scissors to trim the corners, using the traced line as a guide.

E. Repeat with second rectangle.

Step 3: Pin and Sew

Picture of Pin and Sew
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A. Pin the two rectangles with right sides together, along the sides and the rounded bottom edge.

B. Measure down 3/4" from the straight top edge, along one of the sides and make a mark.

C. Measure down another 1/4" and make another mark (1" from the top edge"). Eventually, the cording will be strung through the space between these two marks.

D. Following a 3/8" seam allowance, begin to sew the two pieces together. As you begin, sew down 3/4" which should be where you have marked your cord hole. Backtack and trim thread.

E. Begin a new seam at the second cord hole mark. Do not sew between the marks! Continue stitching all the way around the pieces.

F. Trim seams to 1/4".

Step 4: Zig Zag

Picture of Zig Zag
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A. Continue with right sides together and return to sewing machine. Lay your seam in the center of the presser foot and press the seam open with your fingers.

B. Using a wide and tight zig-zag stitch on your machine, sew the seam open all the way around the bag. Be sure you do not sew between the marks for the cord hole!

Step 5: Cord Casing

Picture of Cord Casing
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A. Fold 1/4" down from the right side to the wrong side (or outside to the inside) and pin.

B. Baste (sew using the largest stitch length) the folded edge down.

C. Fold another 1/2" down from the right side to the wrong side and pin. This should cover any raw edges. Be sure that the hole for the cord remains on the right side of the bag and is not folded inward.

D. Using a wide and tight zig-zag stitch, sew the down last fold, making sure to catch both the fold and the main piece in the zig-zag stitch. Once completed, you will have a casing through which to run the cording.

Step 6: Run Cording and Finish

Picture of Run Cording and Finish
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A. Attach a safety pin to an end of the cording. Run the safety pin into the casing and slide along until it comes out the other side.

B. Thread the ends of the cording through the toggle and tie together.

C. Now you can use and reuse your new produce bag.
field5005 years ago
Awesome instructable! Great photos with everything clearly explained. Using the easy-to-see colored fabric (vs. the what-the-heck-is-going-on? netting) was genius. Thanks!
jauncourt7 years ago
I really like that you used an opaque, color-coded fabric for demonstrating the steps. Very clear.
ShadowGirl7 years ago
Nicely done and good instructable. Thanks!
nikkishell8 years ago
Great idea!!! I have my veggies delivered in a cardboard box (no bags) but may make some of these for storing them in the fridge.
Unfortunately they aren't great for storing in the fridge - the veggies will wilt quickly. I use cloth bags, and for fridge storage, I use these:


You can get them at Whole Paycheck and the like.

But these bags are great! I love my cloth bags, and *I think I'll be making some of these as gifts for friends.
tantan7 years ago
Hi Bess, I saw your instructable just after i published my own!

Well done on getting the idea out there! Great minds think alike. Have you considered selling them? I sell mine at a market - with nice labelling and presentation people have been buying them - that gets more of the bags out there and more people interested in the idea. And reduces plastic bags even more!