Step 5: Fence gate made with old fence boards

Picture of Fence gate made with old fence boards
I made this gate out of reused lumber. The cross braces were cut on the miter saw. Prior to having this saw, this project would have been difficult to make.
jstelmack5 years ago
I "REALLY" like your creative use of an old and typically discarded material. One suggestion though. The long continuous (solid) brace in the gate should be in the other direction. i.e. top of contiguous brace should be farthest from the top hinge and the the bottom should be closest to the bottom hinge. This makes for a sag free gate. All the weight of the gate tries to "compress" the single contiguous brace. By the way, I'm going to steal your garden work bench design for a friend of mine who is an avid gardener! Thanks!