3D Printed Casing for Bluetooth Amplifier TDA7492P





Introduction: 3D Printed Casing for Bluetooth Amplifier TDA7492P

I've earned an old amplifier with speakers that a friend was throwing away and since the amplifier was not working, I decided to recycle the speakers with an wireless bluetooth set.

Step 1: Check Your Speakers and Choose Your Audio Amp Board

there is a variety of audio amp boards you can get.

i got this one but you can pick an appropriated one for your project.



in my next build i'll try this one for 3W speakers:


it's up to you or the needs of your project. just check some reviews first, the one i got didn't had an AUX line in...

Step 2: Choose and Check a Power Supply

check your amp board schematics for the power supply info.

in my case its 8-25V DC. and i have a box full of old ones.

always check the Voltage to see if it's working well

Step 3: Design a Fancy Enclosure for Your New Amp. System!

Measure the PCB and design 3D file in the CAD software of your choice.

ex.: solid works, fusion 360, sketch up, rhino, blender, etc....

Step 4: 3D Print or Build Your Own Case

if you use the same board as I did, feel free to download and print my design.


if you don't have a 3D Printer you can always use https://www.3dhubs.com

Step 5: Assemble and Check One More Time If Everything Works

Step 6: Test It Again and Have Fun



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    Hi @sbizarro

    How did you like the quality of the amplifier board that you used in your project?

    I'm thinking of using a similar board that adds AUX input https://goo.gl/1sSNbv

    Hi Arthur,

    the sound quality is really nice for the price. mine doesn't have a line in nor on/off button.

    still i use it almost every day and so far works great.

    Hey there. I also have some speakers that are not being used.
    What kind of wire goes into the speakers and to the amp?

    Cheers (;

    Hi!! you just need two wires for each speaker, and a power supply for the bluetooth audio amp. module.


    This is very cool. so many things are Bluetooth. could the case be modified to include speaker jacks on back an house a small power supply inside? great project! -hjp

    Thanks!!! just need to redesign it... maybe in the next one. I really need an AUX Line In.

    Awesome housing for the board!