Reuse Pringles Containers





Introduction: Reuse Pringles Containers

very easy tutorial and decorative too

Step 1: Step 1: What You Will Need.

1. Fabric of your choice

2. Pringles container

3. Mod Podge

4. Glue gun


6. Foam Brush

Step 2: Step 2: Make a Pattern

Make a pattern for the container and make sure it covers all over your pringles container.

Step 3: Step 3

Apply Mod Podge all over your container

Step 4: Step 4

Now wrap your fabric around your container

Step 5: Step 5

Now apply mod podge all over the container and don't worry it clears very clear. Now let it dry

Step 6: Step 6

After it dries, use a razor blade or anything very sharp to trim off the fabric we don't need.

Step 7: Step 7

Now your container is ready, Lets Store some food in these containers

Step 8: Step 8 : Show Off Your Containers

taa daa housewarming here i come yes i think it will be a good idea to give as a housewarming gift. NOW GO VOTE FOR ME.

Step 9: Step 9: Watch Youtube Video



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    PERFECT for a single sleeve of crackers - for when you open one and it rips down the side making it impossible to seal it up with a twistie tie unless you eat more crackers than you want. Pringles can is perfect PLUS no one minds eating extra Pringles to empty the can for ya!

    So funny and colorful! Thanks for sharing

    I really like this idea!

    Cheers thank you can you please vote for the tutorial in one of the contest I have joined.. thank you

    Very nice!!!