Reuse Recycle Plastic Chewing Gum Cannister into Solder Station Dispenser

Picture of Reuse Recycle Plastic Chewing Gum Cannister into Solder Station Dispenser
This instructable will show you how to reuse a plastic chewing gum can to keep a spool of solder nice and clean. This will work on other spooled items also; String, Wire, Cables.

Step 1: Get the Items

Picture of Get the Items
Get yourself a spool of solder and a plastic chewing gum can.

Step 2: Prep Work

Picture of Prep Work
Strip and rinse out the Plastic Gum Cannister

Step 3: Assembly

Picture of Assembly
Insert spool of solder into plastic canister. BE SURE TO LEAVE A BIT OF SOLDER HANGING OUT.

Step 4: Lock in place

Picture of Lock in place
Place the palm of you hand firmly centered on the spool of solder.
Apply a significant amount of pressure until the spool "locks" in place.

The shape of the canister gently suspends and secures the spool in place. This allows for the spool to spin freely as solder is removed from it.

Step 5: Assembly cont...

Picture of Assembly  cont...
Finish the assembly by installing the lid of the canister. Feed the solder through the small flip opening. The flip lid can be closed and the solder still pull out easily.

Step 6: Finish

Picture of Finish
You can use the larger flip lid to keep a spindle of soldering removing wick.
yonatan241 month ago

This sounds kind of weird but i would connect it to something heavy, because I'm guessing the whole box would move when i try to pull the solder out

CJSudduth3 years ago
I use these gum containers to place my salt and pepper in... Seeing how it open from 2 different directions I can use when I want a pinch or to pour into a spoon.. great for when we travel ....
Dragonothe3 years ago
I like to use wire to make jewelry and wind chimes. Sometimes the wire is a pain to work with. This will be a great help.
Spokehedz3 years ago
wow... And here I was respooling the big spools I get onto little 1oz spools...