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Introduction: Reuse Refuse: Pencil Holder

Hello! In this series of Instructables I will be sharing a few of my Etsy items, to help promote my store but also to share my craft on my favorite app/ site Ibles!

Step 1: Acquire Supplies

For nearly all of my reuse projects I will use wood from old pallets, skids, packaging that sort of thing. Simply search Craigslist's free section for "wood" and voila a variety of free wood sources pop-up. Surprisingly many of the pallets I've come across are hardwoods that might not have made the cut for finer lives, or were cheap enough to source for constructing the pallet.

The piece I use to create the pencil holder is the interior "beam" of a heavy duty pallet used in transporting metal. After awhile with a crowbar the pallet was apart, for a more in depth description of taking apart a pallet I suggest this instructible.

Step 2: Taking Shape

This is where it is necessary to choose from the rustic top and flat base (right) or the flat top and flat base (left). I suggest 4.5 inches in height as it looks appropriate. Next I mark corner to corner diagonally and measure in 1 1/4 inches from each corner to centre the four 1 inch holes. I drill with a 1 inch forstner bit (really the only bit I would suggest) 2 3/8 inches deep.

Step 3: Finishing!

Once the holes are drilled, and the top and bottom are sanded it's time to choose a finish. Most finishes I've used look great, haven't tried any colours yet so I can't say for those. For a rustic look I use Cabot's "Aged Leather" 8371. I apply one coat via brush to the worn sides then lightly coat the top to not get the coat in the holes.

Step 4: Use and Enjoy!

Congrats on your new desk organizer use it any way you please! I enjoy seeing other peoples builds so share them in the comments if you do make one. I intend to share items that are made from unloved trash, but also will offer them for sale here if you feel so inclined:-)



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awesome project. I made something similar, I made lots of smaller holes for pens and in the corners , I drilled straight through and put fibre optic and a color changing led and made it usb powered.

@seamster Thanks! I appreciate the acknowledgement.

Great job! Nicely done project with bright clear photos!