Introduction: Reuse Your Mouse

well I play FPS games a lot so the left click of button is used quite a lot and after some time it gets damaged

what to do now ?
I have a solution
let's repair it

Step 1: Things You Will Need

1. soldering iron
2. solder wire
3. solder gel dead mouse of same size (you can get it from any junk selling store )


you can use your other bad mouse

5. screw driver

Step 2: Taking the Needed Parts

as you can see in the picture that the parts are missing because i took them

(the rectangular box on the PCB)

these were buttons that we hear clicking

Step 3: Putting the Button

so after removing the buttons from junk mouse I removed the damaged button from my current mouse and soldered the new one from the junk mouse

Step 4:

Step 5: Scroll Button Repair

you can also replace the scroll ,
my scroll also got damaged because I needed to switch between weapons during the game

so I replaced it .

Step 6: Done

fixed everything
its time to enjoy now


ProductR (author)2016-12-31

That is a good mouse.. INTEX

Driver for Canon iP2000

PhilippeG1 (author)2016-11-01

reuse mouse here:

sgriffith62 (author)2016-11-01

You can buy a new mouse for under $5.00


I can buy new mouse for for 2$ , but I had plenty of mouse who's left click was not working but the right click and center click were perfect , so why should I generate more e - waste when I can still use it .

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