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Have small insignificant pieces of soap in your bathrooms, kitchens, or workplaces? Follow this instructable and you can recycle your soap!

Step 1: Choppy Choppy!

Picture of Choppy Choppy!
What you'll need:

1. The ugly soap.
2. A styrofoam cup, or other microwave safe container you'd like.
3. A microwave.
4. Knife or the likes.
5. Disposable cutting surface, Paperplate!

Collect all of your little pieces of soap. These are usually the ones that have become small, balled up, dirty, or disfugured from too much use. Don't get me wrong, hand washing is a good thing. :)

Gather all of the mutant soaps and put them on a paperplate. Get your knife (I just used a butterknife) and cut all of the soap into tiny pieces. The smaller the better usually.

IsabelB538 minutes ago

another way you could do this to make it a little nicer looking is boiling water, putting the soap pieces in a heat resistant bowl smaller than the pot and put it in the water so that the bowl is floating. Add about two teaspoons of the boiling water into the bowl. Then wait until the pieces are pretty mushy. Take out the bowl and carefully mush the soap pieces together. Then scoop out the soap and mold it into whatever shape you want (on a piece of tin foil). Lastly put it into the refridgerator until its hard.

AndrewP2724 days ago

I can`t believe how easy this was, I have arthritis in my hands and once a bar of soap is worn down below half I really struggle to hold it and was wasting so much, so after I got my niece to chop up the old bits we got to work and made over ten bars which would have cost me about £8, i,m over the moon

MarissaR14 months ago

Never mind I figured it out.

MarissaR14 months ago

I did this and it is goopy. Whats wrong?

Lajuj5 months ago

Hello sir/madam.

Thanks for the good idea on recycling soap.

i tried to recycle my bar soap which was made by palm oil only and it was good soap but the problem the bar soap gets broken , i made about 100 bars of soap they all got broke in halves.

Can you help me may be imissed something when I was mixing.

Great! I had 2 soaps that had lost their scent, so I did this, added cochineal for colour and essential Lemon Thyme and Lavender oils, and have very nice soap evaporating on the kitchen window sill.

BellaF110 months ago

I did this to reuse some goats milk soap scraps, but it didn't work. I think it might be because it wasn't a commercial soap. It was made with several types of organic oils like coconut, anise, etc. But I just took the soapy water and put it in a foaming hand soap dispenser and it works well for that. Like a nice concentrated moisturising soap.

AngietimC made it!10 months ago

my husband makes soaps and stuff

10685389_1543846899179289_5842585376314390995_n.jpgApple Soap.jpgimages(4).jpg
yeslordnow1 year ago

I think this is an awesome ideal as a Science project to make in Childcare,, ages 4-5 being supervised. awesome

tonygoffe2 years ago
...NOW...if someone could just do an Instructable on "How to make a Soap Mold/Press" ..we'd be in Heaven !!!!!!!
danB_TO2 years ago
I have tonnes of these little scraps in the corners of the shower. Brilliant! I did what you've suggested here, but to make the bits smaller, I added the chunks to my old blender with about an equal volume of water and blended/pulsed for less than a minute. I then heated the resultant creamy paste in a double pot system (soap pot inside larger pot with boiling water). Then scooped the gunk into a 1liter cut-off milk carton. We shall see.
Sparsely2 years ago
I like this instructable. But if you're doing the add quarters thing, bear in mind that coins are absolutely filthy (unless, I guess, it's brand spanking new out of a roll). Putting something filthy in the middle of my bar of soap grosses me out.
sismart3 years ago
As for the money issue in the microwave, don't add it till AFTER it's cooked. I just did this (no money) and the soap bubbles up and is very soft. You have to push it down with a spoon to shape it. At THAT point, add whatever you'd want to the pending bar ...
rfeickert3 years ago
With regard to quarters causing sparks, this would not be a problem as quarters dont have jagged edges to spark from. See the Mythbusters episode regarding metal in microwaves.
Dark_Merlin5 years ago
Just a comment on the money in the soap, this is a reaaaallllyyy bad idea if youre gunna be using a microwave. I predict sparking, exploding, boiling microwave soap flying everywhere if you attempt this.
peacenique5 years ago
Thanks, I love the idea and easy peasey instructions!
Darcy7776 years ago
I like your detailed instructions and that you added suggests, as to what you did - like the vitamin bottle. Thanks for the Instructable!
ladygold6 years ago
I used a food processor to chop up the soap pieces; they packed more closely that way. The whol process worked perfectly. Thanks!!
Derin6 years ago
Weird.The thumbnail of the result looks like ice cream!
Julibopper6 years ago
I seem to recall soap with toys in it from when I was little. Plastic in the microwave isn't quite so explosive. And bright toys are just as good as shiny money :)
dchall86 years ago
I tried something a little different. I put the crude soap into a little dish that "instant" macaroni comes in to heat it. Without chopping it up or adding any water I nuked it for 15 seconds. At that point I took it out and it was very soft. I pushed the soft soap down with the back of a spoon. As soon as it cooled it was ready to use.
if little kids know money is inside they'll probably cut the bar of soap open to get the money -_- if they're not lucky they'll cut their fingrs
Maybe that'll teach them not to be so greedy. Clean hands and a lesson in virtue all in one.
cool lol
JellyWoo7 years ago
i microvaved it for a full minute and nothing rose out of the cup!
finally, after 1 1/2 minutes stuff finally comes out!
farfugliare7 years ago
Great instructable. I'd be careful about adding the quarters to the soap and then microwaving it, though.
Transquesta7 years ago
I just put my scrap soap in an old sock. When the foot portion of the sock is full, I tie it off, boil it for a couple of minutes, take it out to cool, squeeze out all the extra juices, and hang it on my shower rod to dry. In about a week, I untie the sock and have a monster "soap egg." (Note: the sock, too, is recyclable. :-))
rerat7 years ago
Couldn't a double boiler complete this process without the waiting period?
Gunk on Floor (author)  rerat7 years ago
I guess so, that'd be a good thing to look into. -