Reuse a Power Tool Case: R/C Battery Charger Case





Introduction: Reuse a Power Tool Case: R/C Battery Charger Case

The R/C battery charger I use for Robot Battles came in a cardboard box that hasn't held up well.  I'd been looking for a better way to store and transport it.

At the last competition, I noticed a couple other teams' solutions.  One team mounted their charger to the inside of an old suitcase, which got me thinking: several of my power tools came in hinged cases, which are just tossed in the corner collecting dust (too much trouble to put the tool away in the case!).  So here is my solution for re-using a DeWalt drill case as an organizer for my battery charger.  The same idea should work for several models of charger and styles of case.



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Idea: get some of the 8-1/2"x11" full-sheet label material, and print yourself a nice label to cover the DeWalt logo.

Yeah, seriously. It needs something. I might even copy the graphics from the charger's original box for this. That would increase the recognize-it-quickly benefit.

I frequently pick up empty cases from 2nd hand stores etc. I've used them to house other tools, or given some to my son for carrying his lego's around with.

The dewalt one's are the best because they don't have the the molded shapes on the inner wall. they just have the flimsy plastic dividers that are easy to chisel out.

Yeah, I picked the Dewalt over a couple of Bosch cases for exactly that reason.

I was fortunate with this one that I didn't have to remove any dividers.

I have a few unused Tool Cases.
Im totally gonna use them for weirdo projects now!
Not to say this is weird or any... AH YEAH IT IS & I LIKE IT! :)


One of the ideas floating around in my head is to make a "secret agent" case with lights, buttons, knobs, etc. for my son (when he's old enough to appreciate it). :)