Reuse a Bottle: the Fun Way!





Introduction: Reuse a Bottle: the Fun Way!

So today i found a 2 liter bottle on the street. I took it home, and looked up some water rockets i could make out of it. I found none that didn't use PVC pipe, flame,or cork. SO i made this simple rocket made with REAL household materials! Reuse the fun way! You can reuse this OVER AND OVER. i've used mine about 30 times.

Step 1: What You Need:

You'll need:

BIC pen
2 liter soda bottle
bike pump

Step 2: Make a Hole

Make a hole in the cap about the size of the pen. Sorry for the blurryness, but it's good enough to illustate the point.

Step 3: Take the Tip Off

Take the tip off the pen, i mean the blue part. Stick the sloped part Into the NEEDLELESS bike pump, and shove the other end into the hole in the cap. Fill the bottle about 14 with water, and screw the cap on.

Step 4: Pump!

Arrange the bricks so that the bottle can fit upside down between them. PUMP as much as you can ono the bike pump, and if it doesnt fly when you've reached your limit, Gently lift the bottle off the pump nozzle a little, and it should either fly around in loops like mine, or just do something cool. If you keep trying, It'll be AWESOME!!

Step 5: Enjoy!

Enjoy your new bottle rocket and the fact that you just saved the world. Kinda. Thanks, Vote if you like it! Kinda trying to win a contest here....Also, check out my other ones!



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    im gonna make a rocket skateboard with an onboard pump with this instructable and a lot of tape

    post an instructible on it please! I would love to see how that works out

     In that last picture you say, "that place is awesome," where is that place?

    you do realize that i am now going to twist this into an idea that will shoot projectiles right?

    do you have to put water in it

    if u have 2 wait until u "find" a bottle i think u need more soda

    Thanks. Ihave been looking for a simple way to do this. perfect.