Step 4: Replace the top

Picture of Replace the top
Bang it lightly with your fist until it clicks. Enjoy fresh ground pepper.
imactony2 years ago
I just refilled my disposable pepper grinder using the hold/twist/pull method. How easy was that?! Within 30 seconds of applying an even pulling pressure with small continuous back and forth turns, the top simply popped right off.
DaveNYC7 years ago
I prefer freshly ground spices too. Just one question - if the grinder parts are plastic, wouldn't the plastic eventually shred into the ground spices?
I think you may be on to something. Free flavor and lots of chemicals included, no extra charge. Doodado
doo da do3 years ago
We find all sorts of spices at the dollar store. Can't get much cheaper than that. I will try this when the next one goes empty. Doodado
pwasniewski4 years ago
I had bought maybe half a dozen of these things before I decided to reuse them, and I've never had any problem with popping the top off to refill it--I've been refilling a course salt grinder every week or so for about three months, and I don't even have any reason to think that popping them off cold makes them break faster. You just need to hold the glass bottle firmly and pull the top straight off very hard; once you're applying the maximum force you can apply directly away from the bottle, angle just a little away from the central axis. POP. You just need to BELIEVE. I now use all my empties for other spices, and the tip about being careful about the size of the spice you put in there is solid; allspice is a little too big for the pepper mill, as well as coriander, but if you bust it up a bit, it will work--you just have to have a little patience when you're grinding it. I'd recommend using the mills with the adjustable grinder (little red tab on the side).
Totally True!!!!! I just popped off the top no problem! Hold TIGHT and then PULL and it will come off without having to heat it in the oven and all use a spoon and all of that! So much easier!
BRILLIANT! 10 minutes was perfect, I just did it and so psyched! You can also use the tip of a potato peeler as the end is the perfect size and slightly curved. I am putting course sea salt and red peppers in mine. Thanks for the Instructable!
 The only problem I see is the hassle in heating it up every time to refill.  We have a LOT of these in our kitchen, and as some of them approach empty I'm thinking about things I'd like in them that the don't sell (like dried rosemary for my morning hashbrowns.)  I was hoping for some way to permanently mod the mill so that it could pop open when it was again empty.  I guess I'll just pull one apart and see how it's constructed, see if I can figure out a long term solution.
mamaells6 years ago
thank goodness for this idea! now i won't feel guilty about buying those! good job!!
Sheesh! I was wondering how to remove the top recently from my emptied pepper grinder and after an hour I gave up. I so wish I had come on here a few days ago to see this! Thanks for figuring this out.. I'll have to try this next time!
moranch7 years ago
Good Instructable, I will definitely try this. Thanks.