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Introduction: Reuse a Perfectly Good Tea Bag

I was able to get more use out of my Sbucks tea bag and you can too. So dont throw it out when your done enjoying your tea. First wait for it to cool then squeeze the remaining tea out of it.

Step 1: Empty Tea Bag

Now that the tea bag is dry gently pull open the top part of the tea bag. This would be the top edge when you are holding the tea bag by the string. Once you open the bag empty out the used tea leaves by gently shacking the tea leaves out. You can reuse these also but thats another instructable.

Step 2: Rinse and Dry

Once the leaves are out rinse the bag with water and make sure there are no pieces of tea left in it. Then dry the bag with a napkin and let it air dry for a bit. Once the bag is dry you can put something in it thats not too heavy. Now you can fold the top edge over and staple it closed. Now you are done and you have reused a perfectly still good tea bag!!! Have in mind that this usually works best with the silk bags rather than the paper ones even though you can also use the paper ones but you have to be extremely careful not to rip the paper. Well have fun and always recycle.



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    Its says on the third picture its a silk tea bag. : )

    wow, where do you get silk tea bags? I've never seen those

    1 reply

    its not a silk its a plastic ones

    I already reuse the cups and tops. For this reason, I especially like it when they double up on the cups. So, yeah, this is great. But I don't think nuts-n-bolts tea would taste very good. ;-)

    1 reply

    Thats excellent I also reuse the cups. I am trying to figure out what to do with the cup sleeves. I agree on the taste so careful not to confuse the bags. :)
    Thanks for your comment