Picture of Reuse Bottles, Make Salt And Pepper Shakers
This instructable was inspired by a phone call I received from my son. He was leaving a spice store and was so excited to share with me; the wonderful spices they sold there. I had ordered some vanilla beans from Madagascar and paid quite a lot for them and they were dry and hard when they arrived. He reminded me how much I had paid for them. They were cheap at this place. He said the cumin smelled so good and they had plump vanilla beans that you could smell from the sealed bottles. I have been saving some lime bottles to make salt and pepper shakers out of and when he called I thought filling the bottles with unique salt and pepper blends would be a great gift to give someone. Let's get started.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
2 Plastic Lime juice bottles shaped like these.

I am not fortunate enough to have the wonderful stuff on hand. I visualize the salt that my sister had when I visited her a couple of years ago. It was a course brown salt and  the flavor was heavenly. 

Step 2: Tools

Picture of Tools
1 Large long needle
1 Permanent red marker optional
1 Red (small tipped paint) optional some type of paint to paint small letters
1 Paper towel or napkin
1 Newspaper to protect surface you are working on
1 Shallow container to hold the bottles secure
1 Plastic bag for filler
1 Damp wash cloth
1 Stamping block and letters optional
Hair spray for mistakes with the permanent marker
Q tip for corrections
1 Small funnel or folded paper to fill the containers

I am sure there are permanent paints available but I decided to use this paint so it could be removed later.

Step 3: Prepare Bottles

Picture of Prepare Bottles
Wash and dry the bottles thoroughly.
Remove the lid.
Remove the plug using the needle; it works great!

bajablue3 years ago
Great pocket-sized idea! Gotcha! ;-)
sunshiine (author)  bajablue3 years ago
Thanks for catching me and commenting! Hope your day is going great!
canucksgirl3 years ago
Hey that's a creative idea. I gotta mention it to my mom and sister-in-law. We all do a lot of camping through the summer and fall, and we try and pack everything in plastic. Plus, there's always some sort of left over bottles around.

Thanks for sharing. :)
sunshiine (author)  canucksgirl3 years ago
Thank you for commenting! I though they turned out real cute! I need to think of other uses for them. I don't buy them very often so I like to experiment with them.