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Introduction: Reuse Old Laptop Webcam

About: Studying Mechatronics Engineering in the Netherlands

I had an old, not working laptop, and I wanted to reuse as much parts as possible. So I came to the idea to try to use the webcam.

This instructable is only possible with a webcam connected via a usb connection. The laptop I had was an Acer Aspire 7520G with an Acer Crystal Eye webcam.

NOTE: I do not take responsibility for anything you do / happens to you or your hardware!

Step 1: Get the Webcam

Open the laptop screen like here: (step 1-5).

!!! Watch out for hidden screws !!!

After that, unscrew the webcam. The wires of the webcam probably join the LVDS cable from the LCD. You have to take them apart.

Step 2: Identify the Wires

Identify the wires. With my webcam, it was:

  • +5v: black
  • Data+: red
  • Data-: brown
  • Ground: Unshielded (metal color)

Your laptop probably has different wire colors. You can google your webcams serial number, or that of the motherboard of your laptop.

I connected the webcam to a portable phone charger first to see if anything exploded/fried :), and wanted to check with a voltmeter wich cable was D+ and D-, but there was no signal coming from the webcam, so i guessed the red wire was D+, and so brown D- (red and brown wire were twisted). I do not guarantee it is the same with your webcam, and take no responsibility for anything you do / happens to you or your hardware!

It is also possible that your webcam is not connected via a usb connection. If so, you can't use your webcam for this instructable.

I get many comments of people asking how they should connect their webcam. I don't know how either

Step 3: Connect Your Webcam

Get a USB A cable (Like in the image) and cut it in the right length. Remove the plastic isolation, the unshielded wires, and the aluminium wrapper at the end you just cut. Remove a small piece of the red, black, green and white isolation, so you have bare wire. Connect the right wires from the usb cable with the webcam cables. In my case it was:

  • Red - black
  • Green - red
  • White - brown
  • Black - unshielded wire
  • (USB) - (Webcam)

!!! DON'T let the different wires touch each other !!!

Step 4: Test Your Webcam

Connect the usb cable to your pc/laptop, and test if it is working ;)

-- PS: sorry for my english, I'm dutch.

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can i connect this camera with android mobile using OTG please...

This is for those who are struggling to rig an USB interface for WEB Camera of Lenovo-g550. I just found it in a roadside garbage bin with a broken screen of Lenovo notebook ! Just tinkered and found the Webcam working ! See the image. The USB connector image is unfortunately leftout. In my USB connector Red: +Vcc, Green-: D-, White: D+ and Black: Gnd. If any problems interchange connections of D+ and D- . From the WEBCAM side take care that : Black wire is +5 Volt and Orange/Yellow Wires are GND connection. Unfortunately use of colour coding formats are free for all. From USB connector side also, one should exercise care in view of this .Always check and re-check polarities of power source in USB. As a precaution use a IN4001 diode gating while powering up webcam.


I get a message that says an unkown device successfully installed...

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I got that message when I had the data wires reversed. anyone else getting this same error message, try switching the data wires.

Hello Frederic,

My webcam Model is CNMU183ASA from my old HP Pavilion dm4.

You can see in the picture the pin and color







For finding the GND I tested with multimeter on big non-isolated area in backside.

To find out the VCC. I connected the remaining 3 pins but it didn't work.

It was showing unknown device(I switched the green and white wires too). No USE.

Any suggestions?

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I'm using this same model webcam (CNMU183ASA) I got it to work on a laptop running Windows 10.

USB cable ----Camera wiring
Red-------------Orange (looks tan to me)
-------------------Red - Unused
-------------------Brown - Unused

For the VCC (V+) it seems that Orange and Brown might be interchangeable, but I have not fully tested that yet.

Now I want to see if I can get the mic to work.

I work for cn0314-0v03 USB webcam, add 2 resistors to the 5+ cable as you indicated the image

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why do you need these 2 diodes? to reduce the voltage to 3,3v?

Thanks man! I have the same webcam

I have a 15-r029wm Internal Webcam but I cant find anything about wiring it to a USB can someone help? The wire colors are red, black, brown, orange, green, yellow and a silver ground wire but the black and brown were twisted together any ideas?

Good one FredericM,

It was very easy to do it also with a 6 pin webcam module with a built in microphone.

The camera worked fine and without drivers too.

The only problem is that the 2 extra microphone pins (mclk and mdata) from the module cant be recognized and i cant find anything around the net on how to connect them.

I tried every possible connection with the usb cables i even tried to connect the microphone as is without the camera into mic jack in of my laptop, nothing came out yet only in the line-in jack something tries to work but is too noisy.

Did anyone solve the issue of the build in microphone on a intergrated webcam module when he converted to an external usb or does it need more things and not only a cable connection ?

Thanks for your instructable. It gave me confidence to go on with a webcam from a Compaq (HP) 6735s (found near a trash bin). It works like a charm. Even the colour of the wires are standard red, black, white green. Poor resolution 640x489. Windows 7 recognized it immediatly. The manufacturer is Chicony model GKF7063-A2.

Hi, I have an old laptop microphone and I would like to connect it to USB somehow, if its possible, to the other pc. I am writing it here because I couldn't find my issue anywhere on the internet. does you/ or anyone else know how could i do it? MICROPHONE model PM156 590104MO from a hp laptop

i need help. mine is from hp g61. camera model is QCM03J and i cant find anything on google. the colors are: red and brown twisted together,orange,yellow and green. the yellow and green appear ton have direct continuity to the screw holes. the yellow and green also appear to have direct continuity to each other


This is the image from an Asus webcam with 8 wires. The wire order from the board is 1white, 2 3 blue green twisted, 4 yellow, 5 6 orange red twisted, 7 8 brown black twisted. White is ground, blue and green are data, and yellow is VCC 5volts.

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yes finally it worked for me to on a camera from asus eee pc 1001px now to make the mic to work also .

Most webcams are 3.3v if you attempt to run them on 5v you will damage the unit. The twisted pair is always usb D+D-,

omg it cant be that easy!!!! :O

I have 5 wires red, black, brown, green and grey I can't seem to find it on google!! Can anyone help??