Reuse things from home to make a mini golf course (with water balloons and river)

Picture of Reuse things from home to make a mini golf course (with water balloons and river)
I found our old golfing set at home and wondered if there was any way to make a golf course from what i already had at home... and here it is!!
hope you enjoy it, and remember, you can add or remove anything you want... be creative!
and please vote for me to win :D
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Step 1: Materials:

Picture of Materials:
You will need:  a cart or a bucket filled with water, 3 water balloons, a small basket, rocks, dry tree leaves, piece of cork, plastic jar (not shown) for the hole, soil in a plate (soil trap, also not shown)   [ofcourse your golfing stuff]
i also used a stick, 2 pieces of cork, and a small net to attach a water balloon from the thing that gives shade :)
if you pop the balloon hanging from the "shader", it's an ultimate win, and if you pop the balloons on the floor, you get extra points :D

Step 2: Scatter everything

Picture of scatter everything
scatter rocks on the floor, and dry leaves, and i used soil to make a soil trap (just like a sand trap in real life)

Step 3: Water balloons

Picture of water balloons

put 1 water balloon in he baket, and attach 1 from the "shader"

Step 4: Hole

Picture of Hole
use a plastic jar as a hole :)

Step 5: The river

Picture of the river
take the cart filled with water and put a piece of cork + i added a water balloon on the side, that gives also extra points :D

Step 6: The END

Picture of The END
Voila! we're done!
here's the photo of my brother golfing
enjoy and be creative :)
celina y3 years ago
Nice idea :p
TheMacyC (author)  celina y3 years ago
Thx :D
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